Sabrina Ghio married Carlo Negri, see the wedding photos

Sabrina Ghio married Carlo Negri, see the wedding photos

August 26, 2022 12:34

First the civil ceremony in the town hall, then the party unleashed in a luxury estate in Puglia

On 25 August Sabrina Ghio and Carlo Negri became husband and wife. On social media they posted photos of the hands with the wedding ring, and also numerous images of the civil ceremony and the unleashed party. After the yes there was the classic throwing of the bouquet, and not even a breathtaking kiss between the spouses. During the reception the couple went wild until late at night in the dances, immersed in a magical atmosphere created by colored lights and traditional music. In the town hall the bride wore a white sheath dress, while for the party she chose a long lace dress with flounces, in keeping with the mood of the evening.

With the birth of Mia and her marriage to Carlo Negri, Sabrina Ghio leaves behind a dark period. A little over a year ago, during a check-up visit, she was diagnosed with the papilloma virus, which is why she underwent surgery. The tumor process had already begun, but luckily it was caught in time. It was July 2021 and after a few months the life of the former tronista has totally changed. She did not become a mother for the second time (after having Penelope from the ex Federico Manzolli), but she also got married to her beloved Carlo. The party was amazing, but it’s not over yet: an encore is scheduled for Saturday 27 August …

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