Grand Hotel 3 Previews 26 August 2022: The Last Episode aired Tonight on Canale 5

Grand Hotel 3 Previews 26 August 2022: The Last Episode aired Tonight on Canale 5

Here is what will happen in the seventh – and last – episode of the third installment of the Spanish television series, Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passions!

After the sixth episode from Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passionsaired yesterday Thursday 25 August 2022, tonight Friday 26 August 2022, at 21.20 on Canale 5will be broadcast the last episode of the third chapter of the Spanish TV series with Yon Gonzalez Luna, Pedro Alonso And Megan Montaner.

Grand Hotel: Where we stayed …

Ayala paid the executioner to have Hernando take his place during Andres’s execution. The policeman, masked, he just pretended to kill the boyand the boy just pretended to die. The detective’s plan was to get the news of the death of the Alarcon to spread, so that Belen “came back from beyond” to claim her due as a widow. Ayalain fact, he never believed that the young man had taken his wife’s life in a fit of rage. As expected, Belen, believed to have been murdered by Andres, shows up at the Grand Hotel with her eyes full of tears. The moment the maid realizes that her husband is still alive and well, she at first pretends nothing has happened, but, in reality, she is in a panic. The Alarconin the meantime, donates his family inheritance to his mother, Angela. Julio and Maiteinstead, I’m worried about Alicia. The two do not understand how it is possible that the woman has left the hotel without even informing them. Effectively, the Alarcon is held captive by Diegowho he became aware that she has a lover. Eager to find out who his rival in love is to take revenge, Murquia continues to keep Alicia in an underground cage. While the protagonist, the lawyer and Donna Teresa try to find and free the blonde, the despicable director of the Grand Hotel discovers that it is with the Olmedo that the Alarcon betrays him. Diegoblinded by jealousy and anger, shoot the waiter and severely wounds him. Finally, Javier is still trying to prove that he married a freak, Laurato request cancellation, e Sofiaaware of not being the only one to have breached the heart of Father Grautakes it head on. Alfredo, after unearthing his wife, takes a drastic decision

Grand Hotel: The Plots of the Last Episode of the Third Season

Who shot Diego? All the evidence seems to lead to one person, that is Alicia. Man, after all, he kept his wife secret in an underground cageonly to find out who her secret lover was. The Murquiaindeed, has gotten to know that the Alarcon is cheating on him with Julio and, furious, attempted to kill him with a firearm. Wounded in the leg, the director of the Grand Hotel continues to have one goal: to find the rival in love and kill him. Diego even goes so far as to pay employees to be revealed where the Olmedo is hiding. Meanwhile, it turns out that Donna Teresa has entered into a love affair with Cisneros. After that, a cholera epidemic breaks out in the hotelbecause of the protagonist’s husband, who fell ill drinking the stagnant water present in the cave. Murquia’s hours are numberedand not for the virus: his former father-in-law is ready to avenge his daughter, Martawhich he slaughtered out of jealousy. Alfredo and Sofiahowever, although they are en route to the her betrayal with Father Grau, for the sake of their son they meet and leave the Grand Hotel together. Before leaving, the gentleman signs a document in which he entrusts the management to Angelawhich he willingly accepts. Javier and Laura also reconnect, given that, by now, the blonde no longer seems to be affected by his obsessions. What will become of the protagonists? Andres will finally be free from Belenwhich, in order not to end up in prison, will make a mad gesture. The young man, then, will be able to marry another woman, the one who has so much help and for whom he beats his heart. And Julio and Alicia will they have their “… and they lived happily ever after”? This couple, after all, has always been destined for a happy ending, despite the countless obstacles they encountered along their path …

The seventh and final episode of the third season from Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passions goes on the air this evening, Friday 26 August 2022at 21.20 on Channel 5.

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