Luciana Littizzetto says goodbye to her historical companion after twenty years: "It's over ..."

Luciana Littizzetto says goodbye to her historical companion after twenty years: “It’s over …”

After a love that lasted over twenty years, Luciana Littizzetto decided to give up her historical partner. Here is the reason.

Luciana Littizzetto is one of the best women and comedians we have in Italy, a great female example, an intelligent and cultured woman. In short, she is one of the number one on television as well as being a perfect model of feminism. A career woman, nice and charming that both men and women like because she makes everyone agree. There are few intelligent women like her today who can give so many positive examples. Today she is the comic face and columnist par excellence of What time ago led by Fabio Fazio.

Alongside the conductor Luciana Littizzetto has been there for some time, theirs can be considered a sort of artistic marriage, the hours of transmission they have done together cannot be counted. But Luciana Littizzetto was trained first of all as an actress and we have seen her in several successful films for example Males against females by Fausto Brizzi, All down to earth, Three men and a leg by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, Svitati by Ezio Greggiojust to name a few.

Luciana Littizzetto has also written many blockbuster books such as La Jolanda furiosa, Alone like a stalk of celery and among others The education of girls written jointly with the late Franca Valeri who passed away on 9 August 2020.

Like many famous people, Luciana Littizzetto is also very reserved about her private life but what we know is that for a long time, twenty years she had a partner, Davide Graziano who decided to leave after a long time and for a very specific reason.

As some may recall, before becoming famous Lucianina was a music teacher when she decided to abandon her role to work on television where one of her first comic roles was Lolita in the cult program Mai Dire…, with Gialappa’s Band.

His first starring film was 2001’s Pale Radish, a film considered today a cult and it was also prophetic since at the end of the story the protagonist of the film goes to host the Sanremo Festival just as she did in the 2013 and 2014 editions alongside Fabio Fazio.

We also know of Luciana Littizzetto that she never had biological children but that she had two in foster care taken together with her former partner, they are two Macedonian boys Vanessa and Jordan Beljuli.

Luciana and Davide have been a couple since 1997 and he is a musician who was part of African United as a drummer and was a rather well known name in the Turin underground scene.

The revealing interview with Raffaella Carrà

In 2019 Luciana Littizzetto was among the guests of Raffaella Carrà’s program, You Begin Tellingand that was precisely the occasion in which Luciana Littizzetto confessed that between her and Davide there was a difficult moment but that she did not feel like talking about it.

Luciana on that occasion spoke of “disillusionment” and “betrayal of trust” but without ever being too specific. The curiosity of course was great on the part of viewers. To date, the real reasons for the separation between Luciana and Davide are not known, even if many hypotheses have floated on the part of the actress’s fans.

Who knows if the truth will come out, in the meantime we await the return of Luciana Littizzetto to Che tempo che fa, whose new season will begin shortly and we can only imagine the many things she will have to say considering the events that took place during the summer.

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