Jova Beach Party in Castel Volturno, the great live party

Jova Beach Party in Castel Volturno, the great live party

Sent to Castel Volturno

Jovanotti takes the stage of the Jova Beach Party of Castel Volturno at 3.30 pm, on the Lido Fiore beach a few thousand people lined up in the morning, under the sun. «Hello everyone, I’m happy to be back here» exclaims Cherubini before singing the first song of the day, guitar and voice. And pass the ball at the Sbam Stage, one of the three stages set up by the sea (but bathing is prohibited), where he performs Dadsensual creature of the Newpolitan pink wave: “Iesche” and “Gianno Oh” warm the audience.

Jovanotti returns to the stage, Saturnino engages the bass, it’s time for “On the waterfront of the world”. And immediately the homage to the legend of the holy smoker appears, Bob Marley, with a hint of his “Is this love”. Then line to the Kontiki stage, a sort of raft in the middle of the playa, still an emerging, Davide Shortylaunched from Sanremo.

And Lorenzo joins Shorty on the stage by the sea for a duet and urges the audience to do the chorus: we are in the parts of “Serenata rap”.

Meanwhile, the boys live on the beach, lots of showers as bathing is forbidden. The beach is littered with blue bags for recycling, most of them are in swimsuits, some girls keep to the sidelines topless, a very pleasant wind helps to withstand the heat.

“We are under the sun, with music, we did it, how nice”, harangues Jovanotti with summer on. He remembers that it is 40 years since he first put the records in a club, on July 4, 1982, “and then I never got off that console, which has grown bigger, bigger and bigger.” An ode to the profession of the DJ and space at the Sbam Stage for another emerging new city, Rossella Essenceaccompanied on stage by Shari, the voice of “The Fallen Angel” of Psalm.

You can bet that it will happen again: “Pino, Pino, Pino”, they scream from the shoreline. Rossella Essence has just echoed a dance version of “Napule è” in Castel Volturno. Pretty? No, but it has an effect.

Cherubini moves from one stage to another on his bike, when he has ten minutes of rest he hides in the dressing room-teepee behind the main stage, but then he gets a new idea and tries it with this or that guest-

Gianni Morandimeanwhile, with his wife Anna he stopped in Naples before arriving at Castel Volturno and, as evidenced by a photo circulating on the net, he took advantage of it for a pizza at Sorbillo.

“A lucky boy” from the Sbam stage, while the Senegalese Lass takes the big stage, with his overwhelming Afrique sound. Here, in this cocktail of music, even more than in the eco-conscious messages that pass live, with well-known and unknown testimonials, at the bottom, together with the party, is the message of the Beach Party, a hymn to coexistence: of peoples, of cultures, sounds.

«This is the most beautiful view in the world», Jova exclaims looking at the crowd of the «most beautiful party in the world». «Let yourself be sprayed and, please, bloom!». «When I come to Campania, to Naples, after three hours I buy the cadenza. If I stay a week I speak Neapolitan, a wonderful language. You have the most beautiful songs in the world, you have fantastic artists who inspire us ». Then: «The goal of our generation is sustainability even here, where in 209 everyone was advised against coming. But no, look at this beach. The mayor has personally committed himself to ensure that there is no longer a ban on bathing, to recover the sea after the sand. But it is a collective commitment, for example: do not dispose of plastic on the beach, little of it arrives here, barely the glasses of beer, but … come on, together we can do it ».

The homage to neapolitan power: «It was music of the encounter, which mixed, alive, like this land, exciting. Pino Daniele, Edoardo Bennato, Tony Esposito, Teresa De Sio with whom I grew up ».

So, on the stage Kontiki come from Salerno i Kalascimapsycho-pizzica, wanting to hazard a definition.

“These clouds are not threatening,” promises Jova with her eyes to the sky. “I know this is an extreme experience and I hope to entertain you.” Then he counts the microphones beside him: there are six. It’s time for Casually Blacks. «The first time I saw them, it was the early nineties, I immediately admired them. They never stopped, I recently looked for them, we did one thing together from which perhaps something else will arise ».

The sextet starts with “‘A città’ e Pullecenella” and the tribute to Pino Daniele, here it is again, of “Je so pazzo”, then the voices become seven, because Lorenzo is added to Neri per Caso: it is time for “Sentimento , repentance “. «Having sex is natural, there is nothing immoral, it is a crime who does not do it», Jova intervenes in his manner, in raggamuffin style, this time.

The orchestra of voices only greets with applause, not by chance, but will return in the evening. Then last step on the Smab Stage, “with the bass that massage your belly and make you vibrate among the stars”. Dj set, or rather dj jam, with Akleejuice Rockers, who are also waiting to be joined by Jova and Dadà. And go with the groove, with the sound of the vuvuzelas, with the desire to dance while Mario Tozzigeologist, science writer, essayist, author and TV presenter who had expressed some doubts about the eco-compatibility of the Jova Beach Party patrols the area accompanied by the leaders of the WWf who have put his seal on the operation.

It has arrived Luchè, Lorenzo stays with him on the main stage, now we are heading towards the evening event. It starts with “The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”, then “The night of San Lorenzo”, which samples the voice of Pino Daniele – increasingly present – and Jova who cannot help but intervene, with the thought turned to the friend who there is no more.

“For a Million” begins the set of BoomDaBashsummer catchphrases on a beach, few remain still, all swing and continue to swing with “Mambo salentino” and “Non ti dico no”, also calling into question the voices of the absent Alessanda Amoroso and Loredana Bertè.

Again “Take me with you”, “Mohican” (and this time the absent guest is Baby K), of course “Tropicana” (Annalisa). Meanwhile, the audience grows, the turnout is constant, those who had to work arrive when they can, throw away clothes, stays in costume and tunes in to the party going on. How many are there? Ten thousand, perhaps for now, but maybe even more, the space on the beach is there and it is wide, crowding only under the stage.

“I wanted to dedicate you”, the BoomDaBash give us inside, this time he sends J. Ax, in addition to Rocco Hunt, who will arrive tomorrow. Him tonight. instead, a surprise guest, he is about to arrive Diodato. Rich dish, I stick to it.

“Karaoke” (Giusy Ferreri the ghost of the stage), the oldest “The important”, then the BoomdaBash go away and … Lorenzo takes the stage. It is 7.44 pm when the final set begins, “I will marry you” the first, very pumped, piece. But today all roads lead to Pino Daniele, so “I will marry you” rhymes with “E sona mo ‘, sona mo’, sona mo ‘”.

The band on the beach at sunset, the colors turn pastel, the sea of ​​Castel Volturno is beautiful, even if you can’t get wet. “It comes to mind when I started reading books as a kid, not the ones they advised me to at school. One of the first writers was Jack Kerouac, that of “On the road”, that if I were here he would write a story on the beach ». Jova reads a passage from the beat generation guru. From the video appears Gianmarco Tamberihis jump on the screen sets the mood for “A Dancing Tribe”.

Then it is Jova’s lineup that leaves no way out, before darkness falls you have to go through “I love you baby”, “Sensitive to summer”, a crackling “Long live freedom”, “Hello mom”, “Lucky boy” . The voice is tested by fatigue, by the heat, by the wind, by the humidity, but it is not the beautiful song that is asked of Lorenzo, and the band gets on with it.

He arrives Diodatowho duets with the landlord “Wonderful life”, then remains only for “Make noise” and “Quanno chiove”, yet another tribute to the genius loci Pino Daniele.

Jovanotti resumes driving his joyful sound machine. “Summer on”, “Saturday”, “Mom look at how I have fun” … and so on, then go to the console, back to DJ, like a long, long time ago.

And he alternates between consoles and bands, he keeps them together, towards “A new era”. Then comes Gianni Morandi, it’s time to “Open all doors”, “There was a boy like me”, then, hilariously, with the voices of the six Neri per Caso, “Povero gabbiano”.
And so towards the grand finale, but there is time, so “Kiss me again” is a very romantic waltz, from amorous spinning tops, which turns into “Sapore di sale”. “The navel of the world”, “The greatest show after the Big Bang”, “Lucky boy” will be among the last sounds on the night of Castel Volturno. And tomorrow we will repeat, expected, among others, Enzo Avitabile and Rocco Hunt.

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