Cremonese, Alvini towards Torino: "I really admire Toro's way of playing"

Cremonese, Alvini towards Torino: “I really admire Toro’s way of playing”

Massimiliano Alvini, Cremonese coach, spoke today at a press conference before Saturday’s match Cremonese-Turin

The Turin meets in the third round of the Serie A championship Cremonese. The Lombards are first at home after two honorable defeats against two strong teams like Roma and Fiorentina. They amazed for a purposeful and enterprising game, not fearing the opponent. Juric had words of esteem for Mr. Alvini’s way of playing today. The Cremo coach Alvini left some statements in the press conference in view of tomorrow’s match.

Mister, what is missing to score points as well as receive only compliments?

“The team has expressed itself in these two games against high-level opponents like Fiorentina and Roma. We could have collected something too, but within these two games there have been performances and it is logical that we would like to bring home something great too. different. I ask to continue from the point of view of performance and that is already an important step. Then let’s see what we will be able to do because tomorrow we have an opponent who is important: last year he finished tenth and added important players to improve. . We try to do our best, trying to make a good performance, and with a better mentality than in Rome, to bring home some points. “

How’s the team doing? Castagnetti and Escalante?

“Escalante comes back from disqualification and is an important player for us. Castagnetti did his first training session with us today and is back in the squad. He had a cracked rib for fifteen days, luckily we are on the road to improvement. He could enter. per game in progress “.

In the match against Roma there was a doubling of ball possession and a clear improvement in the passes made. Is this due to a submissive Rome or to the skill of the Cremonese?

“There are different matches, it depends on the management of the opposing team. Roma are strong on the first offensive pressing, after passing him they manage to manage the ball, but in the last meters they struggle with their extraordinary defense. Fiorentina are an aggressive team , tomorrow the duel will count and therefore there will be less possession. These data depend on the type of team played “.

Torino is a team that accepts one on one. Will tomorrow’s match be of intensity in the middle of the pitch or will there be the possibility of having players sprint on the counterattack?

“Torino and Cremonese are two similar teams in the way they attack their opponents. I even admire Torino very much: they play aggressive, dynamic, modern, vertical football. I really admire their type of football. For me tomorrow is a match. much more difficult than the first two, due to the type of match. So there will certainly be many duels and verticalizations. The important thing is to be clear about what we want to do against a strong team. Playing against strong teams is not a problem, it is a gift, a pleasure. There is nothing more beautiful than playing against strong teams to be able to measure yourself and give your best “.

Saturday will be the first at home and there is a lot of enthusiasm in the city. There will be a nice audience frame, can this help?

“This is a fantastic question: you can feel the expectation in the city for the return to Serie A for the new Zini after 26 years. In this situation I feel like saying thank you because something good has been done in a short time. There are expectations that are not they can cloud us: we have to focus, giving our best, only in this way will we be able to give joy to the fans too.

In the first two matches the defense has been changed many times: do you want to involve everyone or is it trying to find the right amalgam?

“I changed because many were not available. The ideas are very clear. Some need an adaptation being new. For tomorrow we have strong doubts about Lochoshviili because he hurt his head. It all depends on the availability of the players.”

Is there something to improve such as dynamism and space occupation?

“It depends on the characteristics of the opponents: if the opponent presses high it is difficult to dribble and therefore you need to have a faster kick. I think tomorrow will be an aggressive game and on the run, probably different from Rome.”

Juric said that Toro and Cremonese are very similar, do you agree?

“In my opinion, yes, we have a different organization on ball possession. I have a lot of respect for them.”

What potential does this attack have?

“I am happy with how the players in front have moved and I have rotated them all. Over time the understanding will also improve, but something we are seeing and their desire satisfies me. I am happy with how they are working and only with time is it possible. will improve”.

Will tomorrow’s midfield be thicker without the attacking midfielder?

“Tomorrow is a different match: so far we have worked like this, but we can do it without any problem. I don’t see any differences: after all, Zanimacchia is a midfielder. He doesn’t change much. There are always three midfielders.”

Is there a need to improve the management of dead balls?

“With Roma we conceded the centimeters (Mancini, Abraham, Smalling), but we did not defend badly. Perhaps if we go and see we have lost them, due to the stature of the opponents”.

Could there be an abundance problem in midfield tomorrow?

“I don’t think so: I will make a choice between Escalante and Ascacibar. I think we will be short tomorrow in the middle, one more is missing. Let’s see who plays.”

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