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Antonella Clerici follows Dr. Flachi’s “Diet of 5”. It works like this

Beautiful, nice and self-confident. Antonella Clerici she is a woman who has been able to enhance her peculiarities and make them her greatest strength. With the passing of the years, however, and the onset of disorders related to menopause, she has found it appropriate to make changes to her diet, to avoid swelling and fatigue. To do this, she relied on the doctor Evelina Flachirenowned nutritionist and regular guest of his program It is always noon. With her advice, and with constancy, she was able to find the correct key to find the right well-being and feel good about herself again.

Antonella Clerici, how the “Diet of 5” works

She is certainly a woman full of passion, ambition and goals to achieve. And that’s why Dr. Evelina Flachi decided to make a diet tailored for you but that it was simple to follow, with some snags that would allow it to nourish the soul (and not just the body). Its diet allows you to feel better and regain shape in just 5 weeks (hence the name “Diet of 5). Interviewed by the weekly Woman Silhouettethe presenter revealed: “I have two free meals per week where I can give vent to gluttony. Being in menopause, more than anything else I have to deflate. Over the years I have started taking supplements that increase metabolism, not doing hormonal treatments “.

For everything to work, thewater, at least 2 liters per day. Doctor Flachi gives the right indications on her official portal: “Water is always the best ally to maintain the well-being of our organism. A glass in the morning (even if you often don’t feel thirsty with the passing of the years) helps to awaken the turnover and promote a good intestinal transit. Then centrifuged and fresh fruit and vegetable extracts, as well as infusions and herbal teas, are also excellent for hydrating and remineralizing the body. Beware of juices because they can contain a lot of simple sugars. For this reason it is advisable to read the labels carefully. And to know that they do not replace fruit ”.

For avoid swelling, then, it is necessary to drink a glass of warm water with 1/4 of lemon juice and finish with a purifying herbal tea based on detox elements dandelion or milk thistle. Green light also for ginger, fennel and lime: “Antonella always starts the meal with vegetables, even in the form of pastes or creams and with a glass of water. This helps to feel full and has a positive biochemical effect because it acts on the hunger hormones, regulating them ”.

The five meals a day are in any case mandatory: breakfast, lunch and dinner with two hunger-break snacks. Great attention to the Breakfastwhich must be rich in fiber but also in other macronutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins: “Yes to coffee or teabut also milk or yogurt with rusks or toast, a veil of jam or honey and a juice or fruit, both fresh. In this way we will provide the body with all the macronutrients (especially fiber and carbohydrates) it needs in the morning, with a calorie intake which on average must be equal to 20-25 percent of the daily individual energy requirement “. An adequate lunch and a strictly light dinner follow.

How to feed the soul (as well as the body)

There Diet of the 5’s Antonella Clerici focuses on longevity, on physical and mental well-being that lasts over time. With an eye on the table, of course, but also on her lifestyle. It is therefore important to dedicate yourself tophysical activity, with a brisk walk for at least 50 minutes and repeated three times a week, avoiding excessive stress and aiming – instead – at returning to sociality compromised by the months of the pandemic. Evelina Flachi then imposes a long rest night which should not be less than 7 hours per night.

For some years now, the Rai1 presenter has chosen to leave the frenetic chaos of the city for moving to Arquata Scrivia, where she lives surrounded by greenery and takes care of her garden. From here, she picks up the vegetables she brings to the table. Quality has thus become the essential element of her diet, regardless of the calories introduced during the day: “For me, for example, wholemeal products swell, the skin of legumes annoys me. I learned to know my body, you have to find out how it is and be able to regulate itself “.

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