Alarm of accountants: taxes at 50% lethal for the GDP

Alarm of accountants: taxes at 50% lethal for the GDP

“During the last tax appointment, many companies failed to pay what they owed,” says Marco Cuchel, president of the National Association of Accountants. The reference is to last August 22, when a cyclone hit companies and professionals with 179 formalities and 168 payments. La di lui is the testimony of a professional who confronts his customers on a daily basis, who are also the productive fabric of Italy. In fact, companies are the most burdened by what is increasingly the country of taxes: “The tax burden has reached unsustainable levels”, continues the ANC president, “between tax and contribution revenues we have estimated it around the 50%, but if we also count the indirect pressure deriving from the various local taxes, the percentage could be even higher ».

The situation does not improve much if the focus is shifted from corporate taxation to the overall one: a recent estimate, released by the International Monetary Fund, attributes to our country a tax burden expected for this year at 48.3%, with the peak forecast for 2023 at 48.4 per cent. The Unimpresa study center, on the other hand, has estimated that in the last 15 years the impact of the tax levy on gross domestic product has grown by 4%, going from 39% in 2005 to 42.9% in 2021. In Europe, Italy is in fourth place among the most taxing countries, behind only Denmark (46.5%), France (45.4%) and Belgium (43.1%) which all have a more powerful welfare system than ours. Rome also pays more than Sweden (42.6%), Austria (42.1%) and Finland (41.9%). All states renowned for top public services and welfare, unlike Italy where you pay a lot to get less.

“At this moment, companies are feeling the burden of excise duties and bills, and it is imperative that the next government do something to mitigate the increase in energy costs. There should be a structural and ongoing measure, while so far there have only been palliative interventions. In the same way, the tax reform was carried out, which saw spot adjustments without an organic reform to relaunch the country’s economic system ».

If we add to all this an inflation rate that for our country, in the July figure, reached the figure of 8.4% on an annual basis, it is clear that the only way to prevent Italy from returning struggling between recession and zero point growth rates is an important lowering of taxes, to be accompanied by a revision of unproductive spending.

In addition to the necessary action to lower the tax burden, however, the association of accountants also asks that the tax authorities become friends with the taxpayers. “To date the tax authorities are not at all on the side of the citizens”, observes Cuchel, “so much so that we ourselves professionals complain of interpretative difficulties, let alone the citizens”. The implementation of the rules is often confused and chaotic, denounces the ANC: “We have sometimes come across retroactive rules, even if the taxpayer’s statute prohibits such taxation. After all, too much uncertainty in our legal system is one of the reasons why many foreigners give up investing here ». The accountants, therefore, launch their proposal: “Let us raise the Statute of the taxpayer to constitutional status, this will contribute to a more equal relationship between the Revenue Agency and citizens”.

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