Choose the bedroom?  You absolutely must know these 4 things

Choose the bedroom? You absolutely must know these 4 things

For our children we must choose the best possible room. This seems like a simple mission, in reality it hides a number of pitfalls that must be avoided. For this reason, here we will try to talk about at least 4 rules and tips to choose a great room for the little ones of the house, without making a mistake.

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Have you ever thought you wanted to set up one intriguing bedroom for your children? Well, before you can choose the best one bedroom that suits you and your child, it is good to know the main features of thisenvironmentconsidered by many to be one of the most important in our home.

First, the children’s bedrooms they must possess the characteristic of functionality, that is, they must be inserted in important spaces in which our child can play freely. The second feature is the aesthetic valuean aspect that is often underestimated, but which actually plays an important role: our child will be happier if he sleeps or plays in a aesthetically appealing place and to its taste (especially if he is a little older).

In today’s article we will try to see a few important rules that absolutely must not be taken lightly, on pain of choosing one bedroom not suitable for our child’s needs.

Choosing the bedroom: 4 rules and tips

1. Choose the bedroom according to the shape of the room

children's bedroom tips for choosing it well

There first rule principle that we advise you to put into practice is based on a weighted and proportional choice based on room size. Furniture, shelves, beds and wardrobes must be placed in a place that is suitable for them size and capable of creating harmony with the rest of the house. Often, however, the mistake is made of underestimating this golden rule, with the hope of being able to somehow make do. Very wrong!

Instead we advise to work a lot from this point of view, as it will benefit the whole room and the happiness of the baby, two obviously fundamental aspects for the whole selection process. In addition, if the room has, for example, particular shapes, you can opt for a bunk bed or for one arrangement of furniture even more particular, with the walls painted according to your tastes. The ideal is to opt for a nice one blue if you have a boy, while in the case of a girl we recommend a nice one rose.

2. Choose the bedroom without sacrificing safety

Choosing the bedroom: 4 rules and tips

Often parents are not careful in choosing one bedroom who prefers a certain one safety. It is well known that the baby he is by nature curious and driven to touch everything. Therefore, before choosing the place where he will grow up we must make sure, perhaps after an interview with an expert in the sector, not to put in front of the child materials that are dangerous or in any case potential carriers of risks.

There choice of our furniture it must adhere to an aesthetic ideal, but at the same time it cannot overshadow the safety. For this reason we have to take into account a number of very simple aspects such as remove the keys from the lock, secure shelves or furniture well to prevent them from falling and finally cover the electrical outlets with protectors (plastic objects that cover precisely the areas considered sensitive).

3. Choose the bedroom: opt for bright spaces and colors

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Colors are always important, regardless of the age of our baby. THE parents before choosing the right bedroom they should choose, for its location, a place in the house that is at least illuminated excellently from the sun’s rays.

It is not only an aesthetic fact, but also functional to the non-secondary aspect that the child must consider beautiful the environment that he considers his home (at least until middle school). A good lighting night is also perfect for making the bedroom captivating even without sunlight and diminish the much feared fear of the dark (very common among the little ones).

4. Choose the bedroom: don’t forget the quality of the furniture

Choosing the bedroom: 4 rules and tips

More than a rule in this case we are talking about a Advice that you should catch on the fly. Parents, in most cases, being aware that once the child grows up will want to change the arrangement of objects, buy poor quality furnitureor in any case not very solid from the point of view of the seal.

In fact, this is fallacious reasoning, as our kids will love theirs bedroom even more so if this will also be beautiful and qualitatively captivating. THE furnitureas well as i beds and the shelvesthey must necessarily be well made in order to stand the test of time. If the bedroom it is of good quality and we will also have less money to spend in the future: an aspect that is not secondary and not to be underestimated.

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Choosing the bedroom for our children is not a very simple thing. It is up to us to figure out which facility they will like, regardless of age. The bedroom is a place where you will not only sleep, but will spend those good or bad moments that have always characterized the path of life.

Below, to help you especially from the point of view of interior coloring, we offer you a series of photos of children’s bedrooms from which you can take inspiration.

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