The words of the CEO Virtus Luca Baraldi at the presentation of the 2022-23 season ticket campaign.

I bring greetings from Dr. Zanetti, who again this summer has shown that he wants to keep faith with the commitments made to strengthen the company.
We haven’t talked for a long time, we preferred a summer of facts, to be judged by the results on the pitch and the team’s attitudes.
It was difficult to prepare this season ticket campaign. We wanted to make a convenient proposal to our fans, given the context. We are facing a difficult season for everyone. Sport is a social good, and has not been adequately supported by the latest governments. Anyone who is not football is not powered by TV rights, and we have running costs equal to those of football. We have lost about 12 million in collections, without a shareholder like Dr. Zanetti we would not be here talking about Euroleague. The generosity of a man and of all the fans who have allowed us to set the absolute record of box office. We collected more for the Eurocup final than for Sassuolo-Juventus.

We don’t just have the first team, we have the youth and women’s sector, unique in Europe with Fenerbahce and Valencia. We gathered a team in A2 that nobody wanted to manage and these are the results.
We want to respect the fans with a convenient proposal, and then we ask for help from the fans and the economic activities of the city. We bring the name of the city to Europe, we are an important piece of Basket City. Infinite love in this sense.

The club communicates today – for transparency – the prices of all Euroleague and Championship matches. The Euroleague matches are all in the first tier, in the league only Milan and Venice, then in the second and third tier, giving an evaluation that is not technical but of historical appearances in the Arena.
Today there is no talk of parterre season tickets will be given with separate communication, whoever does it will have all the games inside, even the championship playoffs and any Euroleague playoffs.

We are focusing a lot on the Euroleague, it is out of the question. We will have two new signings in addition to the ones we have made, Abass and Mannion, which we have waited a year for. We are working to ensure that you stay with us not for a year, but as long as possible. We’re trying to extend your contract. We believe we have a team that can play an important role in the Euroleague, in the regular season of the championship we will do our best, even by dosing our forces. The arrival of Menalo was very important for this, Virtus had never invested so much in a young man in the Zanetti management.

The campaign will open on Monday and can be subscribed online, on site and at authorized points. The pre-emption will be until 7 September, and season ticket holders will be able to choose their seat at the PalaDozza. Then three days to change seats in the Arena, 8-10 September. Then there will be the free sale, Full, Euroleague and Women. We care a lot about the women’s project, Dr. Zanetti from Euroleague. It is the number one goal, how to get in the top 8 of the Euroleague.

Thanks to Banca Avvera of the Credem group. We now have the option to fund interest-free, 6 and 9 month subscriptions. Virtus pays the interest, not the bank. And the first installment is paid once the season has begun. They can only be done on site.

Since last year our curve has been self-managing in the sale of tickets, in the printing of season tickets and in financing. Thanks Forever Boys and Old Style. Last year when there was the theme of masks I spent on them with the health authorities. I congratulate our curve, all of it. It is a satisfaction to collaborate in this way.

Yesterday many fans at Porelli. Positive surprise, the players were amazed by the warmth, the presence and the number. It was very exciting, in theory only the first 20 minutes should have remained, we decided to let them stay for the whole training.

New plant. There were several proposals that we evaluated together with Fiere, but also elsewhere. We have proposed various solutions, talked to the Administration, there have been several design changes. There is a very realistic hypothesis right now. Do it where Hall 35 is now. We are waiting for a draft of the project for mid-September by the architect Cucinella. Then we will evaluate the costs and the shareholder will decide whether to proceed, creating an ad hoc company with Fiere and any other interested investors. It would not be used exclusively by Virtus, but also by Fairs for some events. And this is a point of discussion. I don’t expect it to be ready before 2024, let’s play Lotto 20 and 24 and see if we win. We are put like that.

PalaDozza capacity. There is a loss of seats for the museum works, 160 less for the curve, then there are the seats for the guests. We do not reach 5000, we also had to reduce the parterre and we are very worried about them, because we have already sold many of them with sponsors.

Shengelia. He’s a player we’ve been working on for weeks, I’m confident, even though he hasn’t signed any contracts today. He will arrive in Italy shortly, he will choose to be treated here in Bologna or in any case with our channels. In 10-15 days we will be much more specific about this. Our fans can take a subscription with confidence, the roster will be good. There are no problems with CSKA of any kind, he is a free man. Unlike other situations we have solved all situations, even with Hackett, and I congratulate Ronci. For us he is a fundamental player, and we hope that things go well.
We do not go on the market, I hope that the times are not very long.

You know that we were the only ones – with Milan – to vote against Gandini and TV rights. We wanted basketball to be clear, and at no cost. With the rights we do not even pay for the bus for the first round. And I tried to explain to my father how to see Virtus on TV, and he told me that he didn’t understand anything. The convergence with Milan was casual, and Gandini is an excellent professional, but the basketball system is still linked to the bell towers. We have to develop revenues, and today we can’t. We are linked to individual shareholders. I was expecting a change of pace from Legabasket. Months ago I called Alessandra Di Stefano, director of Rai Sport I know from cycling, to get more money and visibility, and I was heavily attacked by two companies – which I do not name – telling me to mind my own business. From there I stopped going to the assembly. With this way of thinking we remain the backyard basketball. Italian volleyball takes 200 million in 4 years, us 10 in 3 years. Are we worth a twentieth of volleyball? And where do we see basketball this year? I still don’t know … If not, we only play in the Euroleague and send the children to the league, we just need to get to eight, and then we send the others to the playoffs … well, a Lega president should have the courage to speak clearly, because so we implode.


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