Slovenia in Kona EV: 1,600 km with zero worries - Vaielettrico

Slovenia in Kona EV: 1,600 km with zero worries – Vaielettrico

Simone’s Hyundai Kona EV while charging.
Slovenia in Kona EV: Simone talks about his 1,600 km journey with the Hyundai SUV: Where he recharged and how much he spent. It is the 8th episode of the series “Recharge on vacation“: Below the links to the previous episodes. Anyone wishing to tell their trip can send text and photos to [email protected]

from Simone Stumbo

“VI would like to testify to my experience. I am a convinced “electric” motorist, since I am almost there now two years that I travel in EV. First with a fantastic one e-Upwith which I did 27,000km in a year, then with one Kona 64kWh, with which in less than a year I am already a 30,000. Well, after taking a holiday with the e-Up in Austria(starting from Livorno), this summer I left per Slovenia. Head to Ljubljana and then stroll through the mountains around Bled and Lake Bohinj in the Tricorno Nature Park.

Slovenia in Kona
The itinerary followed by Simone, with the refills.

Slovenia in Kona: this is where I reloaded

I come to the point: 1.600km made without worries, waits etc. Party co90% battery, the outward journey was only an hour longer than Google Maps indicated. In order to make two recharges (each 80%) at the two Ionity from Monselice And Portogruaro. Too bad not on the highway (just outside anyway). First stop: 40min. to carry the battery from 28 to 80%the second 20 min. 53% to 80%. Cruise control speed 115km / hwith stakes up to 125. Arrival in Ljubljana with a 34% of battery, recharged by a 22kW AC column (but my Kona charged at 7kW) at the foot of the castle to 93% during the visit, including dinner. The visit the following day then moved north from Ljubljana, Mount Tricorno, via Skofja Loka. Fast topping up (24% -47%) at the Ionity of Radovljica, then strolling between Lake Bled, Bohinj with recharging in a supermarket (shopping time, for a total of 5.8kWh) and then a topping up again in another AC column near the center of Radovljica.

Lots of top-ups and a free overnight recharge in a B&B

During visit and meal, recharge at very central AC for a total of 10kWh. For recharges in specific AC the kWh charged, instead of the time spent. The philosophy of electric driving, which many still have not understood, is precisely the one that ONLY in refills in the Fast during the trips you have to wait for the car to load… And in any case you can make a toilet stop, lunch break etc etc. The remaining recharges in the AC are done while the car would still be parked, paying for the parking, which instead you do not pay if the car is being recharged. Thinking already about the return, we head towards Postojna, where we have the last B&B near the caves. But first dinner in the center of Ljubljana, during which we load others at the usual AC column 7kWh. Arrived at the B&B Furman of Rakek, we discover that it is equipped with a sea of ​​photovoltaic panels and an AC column. With which to recharge free at night: 20kWh, from 42% -70%.

in Slovenia with KonaTopping up in time to eat a sandwich

So let’s start with the battery a only 70% towards home, first making a visit to the Postojna caves. The usual ABRP comes to our rescue to understand that with a well-calibrated stop dto the parts of Portogruaro we would arrive home with a minimum of charge margin. But, to avoid unnecessary stress on the battery, the strategy we choose is instead that of two stops. The first, which will coincide with lunch, immediately after Portogruaro at a BeCharge FAST just outside the toll booth of San Stino di Livenza (charge from 41 to 88% of 35/40 min). The second is a quick top-up to the usual Monselice Ionity to bring the battery from 63% to 83% in 15 minutes and allow us to arrive safely at home with 22%. What can I say: everything is perfect, the stops described have never been felt as excessive, because they practically coincide with physiological needs (meals and toilets). Top travel comfort, ah the electric ...“.

Slovenia in Kona
The Ionity station of Portogruaro.

Slovenia in Kona: this is how much I spent: 55 euros, you name it …

The only negative note: one BeCharge in the service area thicket, before Portogruaro: it was the one designated to have lunch and load up on the return route. Instead it didn’t work, even after the remote assistance intervention. And that therefore forced us to go to the next BeCharge just outside the toll booth, which I mentioned above… Not bad. Money spent on top-ups? Take into account that, in the face of € 13 of monthly subscription with Ionity, it is possible for me to pay every kWh in this networkand € 0.29. And that AC in Slovenia cost € 0.25 per kWh plus 0.5 per session. And between 7 am-7pm after 3 hours of connection there is a per minute rate for the occupation of the column, equal to € 0.03 per minute. Also take into account the case, which wanted me to charge for free at the last B&B. Let’s also add a thank you to cashback by Telepass, which made it possible for me to refuel at no cost in the BeCharge of San Stino. In total I spent 55 euros for 1.600km (considering initial-full final). You do…“.


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