Maxi gas bill, the reopening of the Murano furnaces at risk

Maxi gas bill, the reopening of the Murano furnaces at risk

MURANO – From 20 cents per cubic meter to an average of 2 euros and 25 cents: in just twelve months the price of gas for the glassworks in the artistic district of Murano has skyrocketed, so much so that it does not bode well. After the summer break, in September we will calculate how many glassworks will be able to open their doors and how many, instead, will choose to continue closing. Meanwhile, a step has been taken: the Energy Consortium has managed to activate two managers to ensure that the glassworks can access contracts, while the horizon remains black.

Unlock funds

And the glassmakers speak for themselves: on the one hand they ask that the funds made available by the government, amounting to 5 million, be releasedon the other hand, they warn: «With these prices it is not convenient to open, either we put a ceiling on the price of gas or we will be forced to close the glassworks».
A blow that the glassmakers had foreseen in unsuspected times, but which they did not think could degenerate so much. Also because companies are obliged, to guarantee production, to keep their ovens running 24/7, with inevitable consequences on the amount of methane gas bills.
The president of the Promovetro Consortium, Luciano Gambaro, does not mince words because, in fact, there are no turns of words to explain the situation, which appears clearer than ever.

Price 11 times higher

«Despite all the efforts to keep the activities open, the problem we envisage is worse than the one we thought we faced – he explains – In August the average price was 2.25 euros against the 20 cents we paid in September 2021. A price 11 times higher and we cannot work under these conditions, it is uneconomical. I paid in two months the amount I previously paid in a year. In July, a bill of 299 thousand euros was received by a glass factory in Murano. Either a threshold is put on the price or, if this continues, we are destined to close and wait for the evolution of events “.
An absurd situation, precisely because, paradoxically, there are orders, but these orders cannot be met because the final product has an unacceptable cost on the market.

Orders resumed

For some months there has been a resumption of orders, but the disproportionate increases in gas are putting us in difficulty, we are unable to cope with orders because it costs too much to keep the ovens on – he continues – We have applied an increase of 10-15 percent but obviously it is not enough and we cannot go further because glass risks going out of business. This is beyond our entrepreneurial abilities and we don’t know what to fish for. We can only close in the face of these prices and, unfortunately, generate redundancy ”.
In the meantime, the companies are waiting for the Government’s refreshments, amounting to 5 million euros, which were allocated last year thanks to a chorus of appeals from the political class and trade associations.

No refunds

We also contacted Invitalia because there are companies that are waiting for hundreds of thousands of euros in reimbursements and it is important that they arrive soon – concludes Gambaro – in the meantime, thanks to the intervention of the Energy Consortium, which has proved indispensable to obtain certain results, we have managed to the possibility of signing gas contracts, annual contracts that are mandatory to work but that nobody wanted to do in this period of enormous uncertainty ». And if the reimbursements of the Region, amounting to 3 million euros, have helped companies to float, now government funds are expected, which will give companies a little more breathing space, but only to stop the emergency. And from September it will be counted who will be able to turn on the ovens and for how many months will be able to cope with the increases.

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