RILEGGI LIVE - Simeone si presenta: "Tante offerte, ma volevo solo Napoli! Dimostrerò chi sono, mio padre mi ha raccontato…”

LIVE READINGS – Simeone introduces himself: “Many offers, but I just wanted Naples! I’ll show who I am, my father told me …”

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What do you expect from the city? “I’m here because I know I can make a big leap in quality. I like hot fans, every time I played at San Paolo there was always this fear of people ‘eating you’ and therefore I would like to think that with the jersey of the Naples, opponents think the same. Then I love the sea, here I will be at home, it will be like being in Argentina, everyone talks about Diego, the city also knows how to speak my language and now I will learn Neapolitan (laughs, ed) even if not yet I understand”.

What does the Champions tattoo represent? “It’s my dream as a child, I got this tattoo because it was my goal. But I always want more. I also want to score and win.”

How do you dream of your first goal? “It’s not a dream, it’s already a reality to be here for me. Scoring a goal is one of the things I want most right now. I know how things are, I know I’ve been here for a week, I have to adapt, I have to find the dynamics . My personal goal? I am always available to the team at any time. I want to be ready for anything. “

Do you believe in the World Cup? “I hope so, even if now I only think about doing well here. I know that in the future I will be rewarded if I do well here. I have to concentrate and everything will come as a consequence.”

How much did Spalletti influence your choice? “I know I can do well with him, with Victor, with the team. I am convinced of it and this is enough for me.”

How strong is this Napoli? “They are very good I replied to my family when they asked me about Napoli, when I try to press him they never lose the ball, I still have to understand the dynamics of training and teammates but also the form. Napoli is a quality team. When I am arrived I just wanted to train, the right atmosphere is being created, we won the first two and this also helps the people who have passion and support us “.

How am I physically? “Yes, I was stopped in Verona and didn’t play, but I trained a lot, I feel very good physically. I already felt good yesterday and I had good symptoms. Little by little I will enter the team dynamics: this counts. I will try to get to know my teammates. and I’ll be ready “.

What was dad’s reaction? “He was very happy, he wrote me a nice message: all the Argentines looked at Maradona’s Napoli as a child. He tells me that every young player in Argentina had the dream of reaching Napoli and therefore for me this is a beautiful thing.”

Can you play with Osimhen? “This is a question for Spalletti, I will make myself available, it will be the coach who will say what is best for the team.”

Did you have a lot of offers? “Yes, I had many possibilities but I only had one thing in mind, to come here. The proposals of other teams were also important but they weren’t interesting, I wanted Naples. I know that I will do well, I am convinced, and I can improve”.

Scudetto goal? “I am a person who has always given everything, from Genoa to Verona, now I am here, I will continue to do so. I will be ready at any time”.

Did you become mature at 27? “I think so, I have always stood up, this is my strength. I have learned a lot in Italy, I have had experience, it is important to be able to convey what I feel on the pitch and every day I try to improve myself. I will show who I am and what I will do.”

Do you want to meet dad in the Champions League? “It is not important to think about who we can meet, we are waiting for the draw, it will be important to think about Fiorentina”.

What does it mean to wear this shirt as an Argentinian? “For me it is an honor and a great responsibility to know that there have been so many Argentines. I am very happy to be here, I have always wanted an opportunity like this, it is a unique thing and every day that I am here I have the passion to want to show always as Argentines are made “.

12.16 – Simeone arrives, all ready for Simeone’s press conference. He also packed the press room with colleagues from Argentina.

At 12.15 the new Napoli striker Giovanni Simeone will be presented to the press from Castel Volturno.

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