Simeone: "Naples, Maradona and Argentina: what my father Diego told me"

Simeone: “Naples, Maradona and Argentina: what my father Diego told me”

Simeone: “I had many offers, but I only wanted Napoli”

“At 27, I can show everyone that when I fell I always got up. This is my strength. I gained a lot of experience in Italy, I grew up, I will always try to improve myself. Here I will show who I am “. Simeone adds: “I am someone who has always given everything, I will continue to do so, fighting for my teammates and for the team”.

Trust: “I had many offers, even important proposals, but I had only one thing in mind: to come here. I know that I will do well here, I know that I will be able to improve and for me being here is a unique thing “. On the favorite role, he says: “It is a question to ask the coach where I will play, I will make myself available”.

Simeone: “Here’s what my dad wrote to me”

Simeone also confesses what his father wrote to him Diego when Napoli arrived: “First of all, in a message, he wrote to me: all the Argentines as children looked at Maradona’s Napoli. Every young Argentine player had the dream of arriving at Napoli. Beautiful said by my dad. I was moved and I was very happy ”.

The Cholito is ready, let it know to Spalletti: “I didn’t play, but I trained a lot. Physically I feel good. I didn’t go out on the pitch for the matches and that maybe takes something away from me. But yesterday in the friendly I felt good sensations, so slowly I will enter the dynamics of the team and I will try to get to know my teammates more and more “.

Simeone: “What do I think of Napoli? They are very good”

What Naples does Simeone find? “A team full of very good players. I have to start understanding the module, I’m just a week away from training, but I have to say that they have a lot of quality ”. The team is very renewed: “The right atmosphere is being created. We are two games that went very well, so we involved the fans, it is important to have many people with us. There is a great desire to demonstrate and do well ”.

Simeone: “I can also do well with Osimhen”

With Osimhenhow much space will Simeone find: “I can do well with him too. I know I just wanted to come here ”. Napoli can be the launch pad for the World Cup: “There is a space, there is the desire to enter the squad. Now I only think about doing well here, the future will reward me if I do well with Napoli, if I play well ”.

The dream: “Scoring a goal is one of the things I want most right now, I want it so much, but I know how things are, I’ve only been here for a week, I have to adapt, when I play I’ll be ready. My personal goal? Always be available, be ready for anything throughout the year “.

Simeone: “Champions my dream as a child, now I want to win”

He even got it tattooed there ChampionsSimeone: “It was my dream as a child, I also have the tattoo is true. Being in a team that makes the Champions League is very important. But I always want more. I want to play, score a goal and win ”.

Simeone: “Those who come to Naples must be afraid of being eaten”

The Cholito concludes with a strong message: “I chose Napoli because it is a place where I can make a big leap in quality. I like the fans that are so hot. Whenever I came to this stage, there was this fear that people would eat you. I would like to think that with the Napoli shirt, now the opponents will think the same. I like the fans, the city, the sea, I love the sea. So many things that make me feel a little at home. The city makes me feel like in Argentina, everyone talks about Diego, they understand and answer me in Argentine. Now I just have to learn Neapolitan, it won’t be easy ”.

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