Hormonal diet: lose weight and have more energy |  Modern Woman

Hormonal diet: lose weight and have more energy | Modern Woman

Qfour weeks is enough to get back in shape without counting calories. This is the promise of the hormonal diet, a new diet that focuses on the balance between hormones. And it turns them into powerful allies not only to lose weight but also to detoxify and become more beautiful

Diet and hormones

There comes a time, and I speak from experience, when you don’t want to hear about diets anymore and, above all, you don’t want to do any more. But then you cross the Dr. Emanuele De Nobili, medical director of the Longevity Medical Center Eden’s Health in Merano (villa-eden.com) and think again. He announces that his book is about to come out The hormonal restart dietwritten with Margherita Enrico, journalist and writer, and the title intrigues you.

We hormone women know something about them: over the course of our lives and, in general, it is they who influence weight, sleep, the appearance of skin, nails and hair, heart health, mood and memory. We curse them if they cause us problems, but they could be useful to us if we want to lose weight. The subtitle of the book is: younger, leaner, more toned. So I read the book and I want to pass some tips that are not only about the program proposed, of the duration of 28 days. You will also find advice to follow when deciding to start a diet.

Restore hormonal balance

“Hormones accompany us from the moment we start eating. They are the ones who stimulate digestion and act as messengers to the brain by telling it how much fat is present in the body and controlling the appetite levels so as not to exceed ”explains Dr. Emanuele De Nobili. Hormones are like a choir that keeps in contact with the organs of the body, day and night. If the communication is well orchestrated, the organism performs its functions well, including the assimilation of nutrients. If, on the other hand, someone goes out of time, or doesn’t feel right, the problems begin.

The diet we are talking about wants to restore that hormonal balance that we have lost. How do we understand this? The signs are many. An out of control waistline, bags under the eyes in the morning, a persistent fatigue. And this imbalance makes us hungrier and slows down the metabolism. In particular, there are 5 hormones that, if they don’t work properly, make you gain weight.

5 hormones responsible for weight gain

The best known of the hormones that, if they do not work well, make you gain weight, is theinsulin, which is responsible for controlling blood sugar: when its level rises, the desire for carbohydrates increases. The others are: the ghrelin, the hunger hormone, which causes the desire to binge on high-calorie foods, especially at night; there leptin, which regulates appetite by signaling to the brain how much body fat we have, so that it decides if the amount of food is sufficient; L’adiponectin (if it is at a good level, it reduces hunger and burns more calories) and, finally, the cortisol. It is that hormone that warns us when we are in danger that we must react immediately. Unfortunately, its level also rises under stress and if this happens constantly, abdominal fat increases because there is a connection with weight. The good news is that Practices such as meditation, prayer or relaxation techniques work to lower cortisol levels. Instead, let’s see how to intervene on other hormones with the hormonal restart method.

Hormonal diet: the program

Indicated for losing those 4-6 extra pounds, the hormonal diet begins with 3 days of semi-fasting. Fasting has been talked about a lot in recent years, a formula that drives away those who consider it too drastic or do not intend, even if for short periods (one day a week or one meal a day) to give up food. “But three days on fruit and vegetables, avoiding complex carbohydrates, saturated fats and proteins are sustainable,” says De Nobili. With a caveat. You know when the announcement “Monday I go on a diet”? In the case of the semi-fast, and even more so than a fast, you have to gamble on starting the diet on the weekend. “Calories are lowered, favorite foods are no longer eaten. After the third day, the body adjusts, but the detox must be supported, creating the right conditions: no stress or work, no coffee that stimulates gastric secretion and which, eating less, could cause problems »says De Nobili.

Yes instead to a walk but, above all, you shouldn’t gorge yourself in the days leading up to the start of the diet. Then, 4 days follow in which complex carbohydrates are introduced (gluten-free, the latter will be reintroduced twice a week in the last week of the diet), vegetable proteins (legumes) and the milk is eliminated. “The reason for choosing gluten-free ones is that they are more digestible and create fewer problems for the intestinal mucosa, which could be inflamed” explains De Nobili. milk, on the other hand, I exclude it for two reasons. The first is that studies show that, on a genetic level, more than 50% of people are lactose intolerant. The second is that we have to ask ourselves where what we drink comes from. A processed and depleted milk causes inflammation of the intestine and, consequently, intolerances ».

During the third stage proteins of animal origin are also reintroduced, from fish; in the next one (step 4), mainly based on protein, drastically reducing carbohydrates pushes the body towards a sort of ketosis and thus allows it to continue to attack fats, while in the last week there is a replenishment of all foods with a varied diet ( milk and sausages excluded). This is the maintenance that should be adopted when the hormonal restart ends. AND, if you want to lose more kilos, start over.

Diet and hormones: the importance of timetables

This is the scheme of the hormonal diet, but what is the relationship with hormones? THEThe secret is not only to choose which foods to eat, but when to do it, in order to maintain a hormonal balance. Let’s see it in practice.

There Breakfast in the morning it must preferably contain carbohydrates derived from fruit and gluten-free whole grains because in this way blood sugar rises, reduced at night (and we feel energetic) and the hormone of happiness, serotonin, which makes us active and satisfied.

Around 11 in the morning the curve of testosterone, cortisol and Dhea (hormone that helps, among other things, to maintain bone density) begins to drop and we need to cheer ourselves up with something to get to lunch; from 14, the production of hormones increases, so it is better to avoid simple fats and sugars. For this reason, the idea, for example, of replacing lunch with ice cream, very popular in summer, is not exactly the best choice. Better to consume vegetables and proteins (ideal if vegetable) And complex carbohydrates in moderate quantitiesnamely: brown rice, legume pasta, buckwheat. Carbohydrate should not be eliminated, must be taken in the right quantity and those mentioned do not rapidly raise blood sugar and therefore insulin. «I tend to always give carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch» explains De Nobili. “By removing it in the evening, the insulin level does not rise, the blood sugar remains under control and the secretion of cortisol is also automatically limited, allowing the hormones glucagon and GH (growth hormone) to activate at night and function as a fat burner.”

Never weigh yourself while dieting

One of the temptations, already a few days after starting the diet, is to weigh yourself. And instead it should weigh yourself only before starting and at the end. “It could happen that one day not even a pound is lost or that, while the hormones settle, liquids accumulate” underlines De Nobili. “Seeing the usual weight, there is the risk of being disappointed, demotivated or of transgressing by blocking the process started”.

Hormonal diet: foods and recipes

Yeah, but what do you eat in the end? Among the recipes contained in the book The hormonal restart diet there are wholemeal orecchiette with turnip tops, wholemeal risotto with late Verona radicchio, zucchini spaghetti with pesto, rich salads, baked anchovies, stuffed squid, fillet of beef in port, chicken with saffron, omelette and even some sweet.

Carbohydrate should not be eliminated, but taken in the right quantity, at lunch and breakfast

The recommendation is to choose organic products and theextra virgin olive oilwhich has a beneficial effect on the skin because it is rich in Vitamin E. In addition, the recipes invite you to include other foods that may not be usual: apple cider vinegar, which helps to activate the metabolism of fat cells and improve cellulite, matcha tea, a source of polyphenols, wild salmon (and not of breeding). Some of them, such as chia seeds, quinoa and shiitake mushrooms, should now become part of our diet because their beneficial nutritional characteristics have been demonstrated by several studies.

Diet and physical activity

But what kind of diet is it if you don’t move a little more at the same time? No feats are needed, on the contrary, overtraining can cause the excessive formation of free radicals and cortisol. On the contrary, if we lead a sedentary life, hormonal balance is a mirage. What works, as always, is a ‘moderate aerobic activityin which oxygen is used without getting out of breath: fast walking, swimming, step, bicycle.

The ideal would be associate anaerobic training, that is a short but intense effort (sprints, jumps, weight lifting) always without exaggerating. «An activity to carry out when you decide to try this diet is Tibetan hormonal gymnastics, an ancient oriental tradition consisting of 9 exercises called“ rites ”» suggests De Nobili. “A simple routine to be carried out in a short time, with proven benefits on a physical, mental and endocrine level and which must be practiced upon awakening”. Do we experience this too?

The benefits of fruit to be exploited






Established that the fruit it is good and must never be missing, some varieties have a beneficial effect more than others for the balance of our hormones.

Watermelon, banana and melon Thanks to fructose, they give energy and promote hormone production and cell regeneration.

Avocado Due to its beneficial hormonal effect, avocado should be eaten every day: it slows skin aging, has anti-inflammatory effects, fights chronic fatigue and insomnia.

Cherries and berries They are powerful stimulators of the endocrine system and cleanse the liver.

Pomegranate It has enormous benefits on hormonal metabolism and is a powerful anti-aging remedy, especially for women. To rebalance the hormonal system (especially in menopause and premenopause) it is recommended to drink a glass of juice every day for at least a month.

Papaya and red grapes The former helps you lose weight, the latter is the variety that most affects hormone production.

Kiwi Helps regulate the blood sugar level.


Hormonal diet book
In the book The hormonal Restart diet (Sperling & Kupfer) there are 69 recipes to try. The author is Dr. Emanuele De Nobilimedical director of the Longevity Medical Center Eden’s Health in Merano (villa-eden.com).

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