The actor Enzo Garinei died, he was 96 years old - Theater

The actor Enzo Garinei died, he was 96 years old – Theater

He died at 96 Enzo Garinei, film and theater actor and brother of Pietro of the famous Garinei and Giovannini company, as well as a voice actor. In his career he made more than 70 films and participated in many theatrical comedies.

He made his film debut in 1949, in Totò le Mokò, and with the Prince De Curtiswho was a master for him, made several films.

In the light theater he was the interpreter of numerous shows by Garinei and Giovannini, such as Alleluja brava gente and Add a place at the table. In career also roles in some television series.

Enzo Garinei with the then president Ciampi

His last role was the voice of God in Add a seat at the table, season 2021-2022 but Enzo Garinei is one of those faces so well known that to all Italians he seemed like one of the family. ” I was born on May 4, 1926 in a small street in the center of Rome, in via delle Coppelle, between via della Maddalena and via della Scrofa ”, he says in his autobiography just published by Armando editore with the very explanatory title ” I candle. The protagonism of the character actor ” by Laura De Luca. Yes, because he was there, at the theater, at the cinema, on TV, in over 100 films and countless shows, alongside great actors such as Gassman or Rascel, directed by great directors such as Zurlini, Zampa, Maselli, Mattoli, Castellano and Pipolo from his debut in 1949 alongside Totò in Totò le Mokò.

In the theater he worked with Enriquez, Ronconi, Benno Besson, and obviously with his brother Pietro Garinei and Giovannini participating in numerous musical comedies. His first approaches to the show date back to the war years, to the University theater where he met Ferzetti, Mastroianni, Masina.

He trained at the Cut, a theatrical university center. He tries his hand at the ” copycats ” that his brother Pietro writes – he says – ” for charity ladies ” who then represented themselves in the clubs. But the firm of his brother, Garinei and Giovannini is also the adventure of the Sistina while he designs his own independent artistic path. In fact, it will be from the camera that he will be most successful. After Totò le Mokò, Signorinella always came with Totò who had seen him at the theater.

” With Totò the important thing was to always call him Prince ”, he writes in his autobiography. ” As for television, I saw it born, I was one of his pioneers, I immediately liked it ”. Here then he started with the carousels, together with Virna Lisi who advertised his bright smile. Then gradually from Scaramouche until the last appearance in Don Matteo in 2014.

In 1997-1998 he starred alongside Delia Scala and Gerry Scotti in the television series Io e la mamma. In 2008 and 2009 he was among the protagonists of Let’s make love, alongside Gianluca Guidi and Lorenza Mario and of Add a place at the table, always alongside Gianluca Guidi and with Marisa Laurito. In the 2017-2018 theatrical season and again in the 2019-2020 season he returned on tour with the new edition of Add a seat at the table, performing live “the voice of God”, obtaining a tribute of affection from the public. Until 2008 he was also, occasionally, a voice actor: the best known character he dubbed is probably that of George Jefferson (played by Sherman Hemsley) of the sitcom I Jefferson (1975-1985). He also voiced Stan Laurel in some comedies and movies. In July 2009 he won the special award “Alberto Sordi” Leggio d’oro. ” For everyone I have a great nostalgia. I also miss the quarrels, the wickedness … And sometimes you tell me: who knows what a wonderful show they continue to do, up in heaven. It’s heaven isn’t it? ”

Enzo Garinei with Paolo Villaggio in the Rai program “Giandomenico Fracchia”

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