Martina Colombari and Billy Costacurta, love and squabbles at high altitude

Martina Colombari and Billy Costacurta, love and squabbles at high altitude

August 25, 2022 12:09 pm

The couple quarreled during a trek on the Alpe di Siusi, but reached the summit happier than ever

“Today we got lost and it was not my fault”, underlines Martina Colombari as she continues her uphill march. She and Billy Costacurta are enjoying a trek surrounded by breathtaking scenery, but a little mishap has disturbed the peace. “He never wants to ask … for you men asking for information is like … I don’t know … the fact is that we are grazing”, the former Miss Italy tells the followers, lowering her voice so as not to be heard by the husband. “Obviously he says it’s my fault,” she continues in her controversy.

“An extraordinary Martina is about to reach the Bolzano refuge after 3 hours” is the comment of Billy Costacurta, when the couple arrives in sight of the goal. There are still a few steps away and the former footballer makes fun of Martina Colombari about the controversy about asking for directions: “After the traffic light we find him on the right”, he teases her.

Love is not beautiful if it is not a quarrel, the saying goes. And the one between Martina Colombari and Billy Costacurta is one that really makes you dream. They recently celebrated 18 years of marriage, but have been a couple since 1996, when they exchanged a romantic first kiss. Just like in a trek, the road was sometimes uphill but they joined forces and overcame the crises. And from the top they can enjoy a beautiful panorama.

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