Bianca Balti, the terrible diagnosis and the decision on her health communicated with a confession letter to the followers

Bianca Balti, the terrible diagnosis and the decision on her health communicated with a confession letter to the followers

The Italian super supermodel Bianca Balti recently shared with her fans a confession letter in which she revealed that she is suffering from a rare genetic mutation that forced her to make very important decisions to protect her health.

The terrible diagnosis of the rare genetic mutation

In the newsletter sent to her followers Bianca, former mother of Matilde and Mia, born of two different relationships, opened her heart by revealing the decision to undergo the double mastectomy and the ovariectomy, after receiving the terrible diagnosis of the BRCA1 gene mutation, which can carry an ovarian cancer risk of up to 40%.

The confession letter

On the morning of Saturday 13th August I started a new ovarian stimulation cycle, the second in the last year and a half. I had concluded the first in March 2021 with the recovery and consequent freezing of 5 healthy oocytes, to satisfy my need for reproductive independence at the end of a romantic relationship. This cycle, on the other hand, I started due to the diagnosis of a genetic mutation called BRCA1, which brings my risk of contracting ovarian cancer from 1-2% for the general female population, up to 40%.

The preventive removal of ovaries and tubes that I will undergo this fall will prevent the development of ovarian cancer, but with it also the possibility of getting pregnant spontaneously. This is why today, Wednesday 24th August, at 7.00 am, after 9 days of ovarian stimulation, I will undergo surgical oocyte detection. When I announced that I wanted to undergo this procedure, I was called selfish. I have been told that I should look after the two daughters I have already brought into the world, rather than thinking about having other children. But I do not believe that giving life should deprive us of the freedom to choose what is right for us, even in the context of the disease. Having the BRCA1 mutation means that the chance of getting sick is very high for me, not that I am already sick *. Undergoing major surgery such as double mastectomy and oophorectomy (or hysterectomy) when the breasts and ovaries are healthy is a complicated and personal choice. It cannot and must not be reduced to a judgment. I admire the courage of the women who have done it before me and thanks to the testimonies of those who wrote to me in the last week I too have found the strength that I did not think I had. Thank you.

I understood that more than taking on the (unsustainable) responsibility of having to stay alive for my daughters, I want to be an example for them as long as I live. If one day Matilda or Mia were diagnosed with the BRCA mutation, I selfishly would like them to do everything possible to prevent the disease. And if they need to resort to egg freezing (or whatever) to get the peace of mind to do it, I never want them to blame it. It is said “treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated *”. Yet we should also remember to treat ourselves * with the care and love with which we want the people closest to us to be treated. For me, my children. ”

It is not the first time that the model undergoes Social Freezing therapy, already last March, she had carried out a first cycle after the closure of a toxic love.

“The first step in getting out of a toxic relationship was saying it out loud. First to my daughter Matilde, then to my followers on social media. I also told and explained the choice of having the oocytes freeze, a symbolic gesture. I don’t know if I will do this son, if I will meet a man who will make me want to do it, if I want to do it alone ”.

The woman thus left open the possibility of a possible future pregnancy.

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