Simona Ventura "looks like Emilio Fede": a social video triggers haters and bodyshaming, the comments

Simona Ventura “looks like Emilio Fede”: a social video triggers haters and bodyshaming, the comments

A video by Simona Ventura unleashed the haters and bodyshaming: according to some users, the presenter now looks like Emilio Fede

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Unpleasant comments those that have been directed against Simona Ventura: thanks to a video released on social media that triggered the haters the presenter was compared to Emilio Fede. The Ventura is just the latest of the personalities of the Italian show ended up in the crosshairs of the bodyshaming.

The video of Simona Ventura unleashing the haters

The notoriety of VIPs, you know, often goes hand in hand with having to endure unpleasant comments from informers, better known as haters when social networks are discharged and a certain “hilarity” from behind the headboard. It also happened to Simona Ventura.

On vacation with your partner Giovanni Terzi and some friends on the Romagna Riviera, a Cervia, the host shared a video showing herself on the beach at sunset. Nothing particular, were it not for the comments that began to rain under the images, shared by some well-known satirical pages.

Simona Ventura was criticized for her physical appearance, for her face considered more swollen than usual and for a resemblance to Emilio Fede and other personalities from the world of entertainment who have little to do with his appearance.

The comparison with Emilio Fede and Ridge Forrester

Within a few hours, under the clip, numerous responses tending to malign appear: the most popular is a comparison with Emilio Fede, the journalist and former director of Tg4. According to the haters, Simona Ventura “is turning into Emilio Fede”.

Among the comments, there are those who wonder if he was not under house arrest, those who believe that Faith has had a “bad meltdown” and so on. Not only that: for others the Ventura is transforming itself into various other well-known characters: Ridge from Beautiful, Bruno Vespa, Joker and other unflattering comparisons.

Emilio Fede and Simona VenturaPhoto source: ANSA

Emilio Fede and Simona Ventura

A particularly mocking wave of bodyshaming, considering that only a few weeks ago Simona Ventura had embraced the so-called body positivity publishing a series of unfiltered videos from the beach.

The other Italian VIPs affected by bodyshaming

The case of Simona Ventura is only the latest in chronological order. In the recent period, the question and answer between Vanessa Incontrada and her haters, who challenged her for her physical appearance: the Spanish-born presenter responded with a shot that portrays her without veils on the cover of ‘Vanity Fair’.

Among the champions of body positivity he stands out Arisa, who has long since given up on appearing as her alleged fans would like and instead show herself without filters and as she prefers. Singer Elodieinstead, it had defended itself from the inappropriate comments of Marco Masini on his thinness replying: “Isn’t that a bitch ?! I am complicated by this thing of thinness “.

Finally, the Aunt of the Italians Mara Venier he certainly did not send them to say to those who claimed that she should cut her hair “because she was old”: “One can say ‘I don’t like you as a presenter. I accept it if you question my work. But about age and physical appearance it really becomes bullying […] Enough, you broke up with age and overweight”He told La Stampa.


Photo source: IPA

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