Monkeypox, Marshal's body could be cremated in Cuba

Monkeypox, Marshal’s body could be cremated in Cuba

PEELThe Noale Registry Office has issued the death certificate abroad of Germano Mancini, 50 years old, the unfortunate acting commander of the garrison of the Carabinieri of Scorzè, who died while he was in Cuba on vacation. Mayor Patrizia Andreotti makes it known that she said she was sorry for the tragedy that struck the weapon and a fellow citizen who resided in Noale even though for the operation of his work he had been assigned to the staff of the carabinieri station of Scorzè. “We only know this about an officer. We have tried to contact family members and we are waiting for them to eventually communicate the date of the body’s return to Italy and when the funeral honors will be celebrated ». However, in the context of the municipal corridors of the two neighboring countries it is rumored that the Cuban authorities could, for reasons of epidemiological prevention, cremate the body of the deceased in the island’s capital given the probable death from alleged monkeypox infection, and send the ashes to Italy. Moreover, even the holders of the funeral honors of neighboring countries, including Scorzè, would be waiting for the protocols to be followed in the event of the burial or cremation of an individual who died due to the monkeypox virus belonging to the same family as smallpox. The Italian embassy in Havana, in connection with the Farnesina, would also be taking care of giving maximum assistance to the family members of the soldier who was on vacation with two of his friends. In reality, a fourth person should also have joined the three Italian tourists, a mutual friend who lives in Zero Branco, known by the carabiniere when he was on duty at Zero Branco before being transferred to Scorzè.


The woman had had to give up her vacation due to family difficulties, however she had heard him on the phone a few days before her death. On that occasion he would not have complained of any discomfort. In the building in Noale where Mancini had lived for just over a year, after his separation from his wife, the apartment is closed and no one answers the bell. “For some time now we haven’t heard or seen anyone opening the door of his home – said a neighbor answering the intercom of the building – We don’t even know if any relative has the keys to enter the apartment which is still completely closed.”
In fact, even yesterday, the house appeared deserted with all the balconies and shutters boarded up. Even the mayor of Scorzè Nais Marcon so far it has not received anything official about the death of the soldier who had been in service in Scorzè for about 17 years. “At the end of July – says the mayor – my wallet with documents, ATMs and cash that I kept in my bag in the closet of my office in the Municipality was stolen. I hadn’t noticed the theft until two days later. Not having found the purse, I phoned the bank to block the credit card and I had to forward a report of the theft to the police station in Via Roma ». But the thief had already made his expenses in Padua. “Leave it to us,” Commander Mancini had reassured her at the time of the complaint. Within a few days he had called her back saying: “We found the criminal” explaining that the recognition operation had taken place after the examination of the various bank documents and the records of the shops in which the purchases had taken place ».

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