Christian De Sica had a very famous "lover".  That's who he got caught in bed with

Christian De Sica had a very famous “lover”. That’s who he got caught in bed with

Christian De Sica had a lover that no one knew anything about and who shocked everyone when they were discovered in bed together.

Christian is a three hundred and sixty-degree showman who can act, dance and sing, he’s our Greatest showman. De Sica is also one of the comic faces of the country together with Massimo Boldi with whom he created the award-winning pair of cinepanettoni.

We know everything about Christian De Sica and lately even more thanks to the prime time program that recently brought the variety back to Rai 1, An evening with friends where, in fact, they intervened Carlo Verdone, daughter Maria Rosa and many other guests. Silvia Verdone, Carlo’s sister, has been Christian De Sica’s wife since 1980 and they have two children, besides Maria Rosa also Brando respectively costume designer and director.

The love story between Christian and Silvia is known to everyone, they met when they were still high school students and Christian De Sica fell in love with her at first sight and did everything to be with her even if initially the Verdone family did not approved. In particular, Carlo Verdone, at the time Christian’s high school friend, was very worried about his sister who was driving around with Christian in his car, a luxury car, in a violent period of protests and terrorism.

As a student, his career stopped at the first exams in Art History before finally landing on the show life. As he has repeatedly told, in fact, in the morning he went to study and in the evening he went to clubs and theaters to perform. She also participated in the 1973 edition of the Sanremo Festival, but unfortunately she did not have the hoped-for success.

In Christian De Sica’s life there was not only his wife Silvia, he also had a famous girlfriend before her, Isabella Rossellini. When he started De Sica he started from Rai with shows in prime time and music, singing in particular, has always been his passion and later in acting he followed the path of comedy, detaching himself from his father’s serious and neorealist matter. .

Among the many things that De Sica told about his youth there is also the problem of weight, so he remembers that period in which he weighed even more than a hundred kilos and the difficult part of the work as an actor, the diet: “Every year before Christmas I find myself having to lose a few pounds. It is the usual tragedy. The tragedy of my life. It’s been like that since I was 12 and weighed 105 pounds. Between seven and eight I was so thin that they stuffed me with calcium and iron to force me to eat. Result? A black hunger and the beginning of my endless struggle with the extra pounds. I, who by nature would walk around wearing a kaftan up to my feet, free to drag a huge waist, are forced by the profession of an actor to rape my throat, to abolish the pan of lasagna for lunch and dinner “.

Among the most famous and most successful films he made in tandem with Massimo Boldi we remember Christmas in India, Christmas on the Nile, Christmas Holidays 1983 and Holidays 2000. But in that very flourishing period for cinema Christian De Sica was caught together with a “lover”. But who is it?

Christian De Sica’s “lover”

The first cinepanettone that consecrated Christian De Sica’s career, leading him to the boom of success was Christmas Holidays in 1983. Before that he had only participated in a few films of his brother-in-law Carlo Verdone: Schoolmates, Borotalco and Water and soap, in this quest last case with a small role. Precisely in that first Christmas film, De Sica had a “lover” who caused a sensation because it was a man.

In the scene after the Christmas dinner the character played by De Sica is caught in bed with a boy, the joke was: “What a disgust!”.

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