Miss England, Melisa Raouf the first girl in the competition without makeup: "I'm fine with my flaws"

Miss England, Melisa Raouf the first girl in the competition without makeup: “I’m fine with my flaws”

They all aspire to win without deception – or at least they should – but Melisa Raouf, a 20-year-old student from Battersea, London, wants a sash, crown and scepter even without makeup. And so far she has won her challenge. The young woman, in fact, has arrived to the Miss England Finals without even a brushstroke of mascara or a veil of face powder. And to the selections, its beauty make-up free, to put it in English, he paid. A first victory has already been achieved since in the almost secular history of the competition (it has been held for 94 years, to be precise), no one had ever arrived to the last stage of the competition, which will be held in October, without the help of makeup. And no one had ever really tried.

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The reason? Melisa wants to promote inner beauty and question the canons imposed by social media. Where, moreover, fashions in the name of “subtraction” rage among stars and influencers: #nomakeup and #nofiter, for example, invite you to share photos of yourself without makeup that covers imperfections and without digital filters that modify the click to make it from the cover. As long as she does it Jennifer LopezHowever, in a selfie as a new lady Affleck, to announce early in the morning the wedding in Las Vegas with Ben Affleck, it is one thing. If instead she gets naked, ‘cosmetically’ speaking, she is a girl like many others who aspires to become the most beautiful among the beautiful, the stakes are much higher. And this is why her story is conquering the tabloids across the Channel, where it is quite common to come across girls with their faces embellished with thick layers of primer and foundation. Or with an unnaturally open look thanks to long false eyelashes. Artifices, often complex and expensive, which have the sole objective of helping the wearer to feel closer to certain aesthetic standards and, therefore, to be at ease in front of the mirror and among others.


A trend that Melisa has decided to question and contrast with a striking gesture: “For me it is very important because I have the impression that many girls, of different ages, wear makeup because they feel almost obliged to do it from external pressures, “said the aspiring queen who is studying political science. “If a person is happy with their skin, they shouldn’t feel forced to cover it with makeup. Our weaknesses make us what we are and are what makes each individual unique ”, explained the young woman who, after having passed the semifinals with her face in soap and water, she will also present herself in the final. “I’ve always thought I wasn’t beautiful enough and recently I accepted the fact that I am beautiful as I am and that is why I decided to compete without make up. I have confidence in myself, while when I have makeup on I feel trapped. This is me and I’m not afraid to show myself to others. I want to show who Melisa is, for real ». A courageous choice that has already conquered her social networks, where she has received many messages of support from young people like her, who applauded her for making them feel good about themselves.

Mental health is a very important issue, I just want everyone to feel good. I want to remove all beauty standards because each one is gorgeous in her own way. I have the impression that I have done all this for them, ”added the girl. Angie Beasley, organizer of the contest, explained that she had introduced the “Bare Face Top Model “in 2019, without however obtaining the desired results, at least until today: «We received images of unreal competitors due to too much make-up on their faces and this is the first time I’ve seen a girl without make-up really reaching the final. I wish you luck on Miss England. I support the function of make-up to bring out people’s natural beauty but there is no need for very young girls to cover their faces with such thick layers of cosmetics that they look like they are wearing masks, ”she said.

Melisa said she tried to put various products on her face, as shown by some photos posted on her social profiles, but she never felt at ease. “I believe that people should love and accept their own imperfections and flaws, because as we all know, true beauty lies in simplicity,” said the young woman. A simplicity that Mother Nature has given her for real. Melisa has two beautiful blue eyes, fine features, porcelain skin, full lips, a bright smile and a long, thick lock of hair. The difference between her and the other 40 misses, however, who are competing with a flawless face and suitably enhanced by makeup, catches the eye in an instant. And this could be his ticket to victory.


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