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“I live”: a home-gym to learn autonomy and independent life

A sort of gym where you can learn how to give shape to an independent life, where you can learn skills that can be useful in the future in the management of a residence: this is the “I live” project of the ANFFAS Association of Crema (Cremona), which in these days saw the house at the center of the initiative welcoming two other young people with disabilities

Group photo for the protagonists of the ANFFAS Crema project “I live”

Francesca she is no longer alone. For some time she was the only resident in the house ofANFFAS Cream (National Association of Families of People with Intellectual and / or Relational Disabilities), but now the project of I live for independent living it permanently welcomes two other people, Damiano and Cristian, which are precisely the new inhabitants of the house. «I still have to get used to it – says Francesca -, but from a certain point of view I’m happy. Damiano is an old acquaintance, while Cristian is getting to know him ». It is a question of joints, “of new balances that must be created”.

I live – explains the pedagogist Barbara Bergamaschi – is meant as one temporary accommodation for these guys, a place where learn how to shape an independent life, with the help of educators and the group, because, in addition to the peculiarities of each one, one learns to “be together, to live together”, listening to everyone’s wishes ». Damiano, in fact, wants to “learn to live alone, because I’m sure my mom would be proud of me”, while Cristian has yet to take his measurements and says: “I enjoy myself with my new adventure companions, but I often come back to find my family ”. Not only that, he often helps his friends to cook and prepare breakfast.
«This house – specifies the educator Riccardo Zucchetti – is a kind of gym where to learn skills that will be useful in the future in the management of a residence “.

Accompanied by a family assistant, the young people return home periodically and every day continue the activities that make up their life project. The collaboration with the families and the coordinators of the various daytime services of ANFFAS is solid. In addition, there are shared moments between the residents: “The outings on the territory are increasingly remembered by the Cremasca Association -, with a view to increase relations with the context of belonging of each. Then there are moments dedicated to self-care, beauty, make-up and those dedicated to shopping ». «Someone – says Francesca – has to do it» and she, in addition to shopping, also takes care of helping out in the kitchen (sometimes) and hanging the clothes.
«In addition to the three people who live here permanently – Bergamaschi still informs -, we are gradually introducing three other people through training activities which will resume assiduously next September ».

I livelike the other ANFFAS project CasAmicawhich we will have the opportunity to talk about shortly in another part of the newspaper, try in particular to implement the Law 112/16 on “After Us” (or “During and After Us”), to offer concrete solutions, “starting from the idea – he says Daniela Martinenghivice president of the Alba Foundation of ANFFAS Crema – that it is everyone’s right to think about the future, about one’s own fulfillment, listening to and following one’s wishes ».
«In reality – he adds – this project is a challenge for us too and we are proud to see that it has been favorably received in the area, in particular by “our” neighborhood of Santa Maria, allowing children to be active part of an attentive and sensitive community. But the journey has only just begun. We must continue walking together ». (GG and SB)

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