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Region data on monkeypox cases. In all 328 cases in Lombardy

In Ats Brianza (Lecco-Monza) there are 22 confirmed cases. Vaccinations restart from September

LECCO – As of August 24, the cases of monkeypox are 328 since the beginning of the epidemic in Lombardy. The Region communicates this in a relative note by disseminating data regarding the disease.

Most of the Lombard cases concern the province of Milan, in fact they are 232 (71%). I am instead 22 those registered in the territory of Ats Brianza or in the provinces of Monza and Lecco; specifically in the latter they were found … ..

Another 22 cases have occurred between Como and Varese (ATS Insubria), 18 in the Bergamo area. The most involved age groups, explained by the Region, are the age group 30-39 (152 cases, 46%), 40-49 years (91, 28%), 20-29 years (50, 15%).

Vaccination in the Lombardy Region began on 10 August and on 23 August they resulted 1,531 people vaccinated. Vaccination activity will resume from 1 September. The Ministry of Health will provide a further 2,840 ampoules of ‘Jynneos’ vaccine to the Lombardy Region, in addition to the first 2,000 received in the first week of August, with reservations open from day 10.

From Thursday morning, by registering online on the portal (tax code and regional health card required) it will then be possible to book the vaccination at the following link:

Who is the vaccine for?

The offer, according to the note from the Region, is addressed to men and transgender people, resident or domiciled in Lombardy, who have sexual relations with men (MSM) and who have had sexual behavior at risk.

The vaccines will be administered in the ‘Vaccination Centers’ identified by the ATS in each province and in the’ Centers for the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections’ (IST / MTS centers) ‘of the Lombardy ASST / IRCCS, already involved.

Before vaccination, a doctor will carry out the anamnesis to verify the presence of contraindications and compliance with the requirements defined by the Ministry of Health, based on the statements of the subject. People with smallpox vaccination performed in childhood will be able to book (only one dose will be performed as per national indications) and similarly people who have received a first dose abroad can also book for the completion of the cycle.

Monkey pox, what symptoms?

Monkeypox, explains the Ministry of Health, can present itself clinically in a different way: some people have mild symptomsrarely asymptomatic, others may develop more severe symptoms and therefore require hospitalization.

Common symptoms of monkeypox include fever, drowsiness, body aches and headaches. The rash usually develops one to three days after the fever begins but it can also occur before general symptoms. It mainly affects the anogenital areas, the trunk, the arms and legs, the face, the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, sometimes the lesions may be scarce and / or limited only to the genital or peri-anal areas. In 5% of cases, the onset manifestation can be represented by lesions at the level of the oropharyngeal cavity. Skin lesions often appear as macules, which tend to evolve into papules, vesicles, pustules, crusts.

Symptoms typically last two to three weeks and usually go away on their own or with supportive care, such as pain medications or fever. The infectious period must be considered from the appearance of the first symptoms until the crusting of all lesions and the formation of new skin.

How is it transmitted?

Also from the Ministry they explain that a person suffering from monkeypox it is infectious starting from the onset of prodromal symptoms until the scabs fall off of all injuries and the formation of new skin.

Transmission can take place through the close physical contact (face to face, skin to skin, mouth to mouth or mouth to skin), including sexual activity, with an infected person, body fluids or skin lesions. It is not yet known whether the virus can be sexually transmitted through genital fluids.

The virus can be transmitted even from contaminated objects such as clothes, sheets, towels, cutlery, electronic devices and surfaces. Mouth ulcers, lesions, or sores can be infectious, and the virus can spread through direct mouth contact, respiratory droplets, and possibly through short-range aerosols.

The virus can also spread from a pregnant woman to the fetus, after birth through skin-to-skin contact, or from an infected parent to an infant or child by close contact.

People who are close contact, including health care workers, family members and sexual partners, are therefore at increased risk of infection.

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