Property: “I quarreled with Inzaghi, I'll tell you.  Lazio-Inter particular.  Lukaku and Lautaro ... "

Property: “I quarreled with Inzaghi, I’ll tell you. Lazio-Inter particular. Lukaku and Lautaro … “

Ciro Immobile speaks. Towards the match against Inter scheduled for Friday at 20.45, but not only. Here are his statements

Alessandro Cosattini

Speak Ciro Property. Towards the match against Inter scheduled for Friday at 20.45, but not only. The Lazio striker granted an interview to DAZN and in particular to Marco Word, his former teammate. Here are the statements of Immobile.

We start in front of a pool table.

Word: “Oh you improved. You weren’t that good.”

Property: “I managed to scatter a little …”.

Word: “You have already put the 15 there. We have played many games here …”.

Property: “Yes, this is where we built our victories on the pitch. To bond everyone a little, we spent the evenings in retreat”.

Word: “Who was the champion here?”.

Property: “Giocondo, come on (the chef from Lazio, ed)”.

Word: “Then there was another who wanted to steal his place but he always finished second”.

Word: “You are first in almost all the rankings, right and left. But where do you put yourself here? Sincere with yourself …”.

Property: “One of the last. In a ranking of twenty I would say seventeenth or eighteenth”.

Word: “The important thing is to start with the right humility. But you always had a stroke of imagination”.

Property: “Yes, it depends on the day”.

Word: “The striker’s shot was sometimes there. I bring to your mind the 19/20 season. You set the goal record (36). But do you remember how that season began during Lazio-Parma?”.

Property: “I had a discussion with Inzaghi”.

Word: “You didn’t play Inter-Lazio and Lazio-Genoa then signs and hugs him. What happened in those two weeks?”.

Property: “With Parma I made a mistake. After the substitution I ranted a little because I was too eager to play. Then in the weeks after the coach told me that he didn’t expect it from me, he was a bit sick . Then the embrace with Genoa … “.

Word: “You made me forgive you. Maybe you promised him that you made the goal record and you kept it (laughs, ed)”.

Property: “No, no. Nothing like that but at the end of the year overall if you see between that episode and the others it went well by”.

Word: “Now that Lazio-Inter are there, can you make us a promise?”.

Property: “Lazio-Inter is always a particular challenge for us and for the fans given the partnership and what has happened in the matches in recent times. Between Vecino’s goal and Felipe’s last year …”

Word: “Now Vecino has arrived, there is no longer the problem (laughs, ed)”.

Property: “Since the coach went there, it’s even better to challenge our past. Everyone has that extra motivation.”

Word: “Come on I’ll make you make the last hole. You choose.” Ciro executes and Marco adds: “When you have the space you are a finalizer. Too bad there is no ball number 17. Why now do the forwards all go to the far post and before they all went to the first? Have you set a new fashion?” .

Property: “I’m seeing too. Lukaku also scored Lecce at the far post.”

The interview then moves to the terrace of Formello.

Word: “The terrace has changed since you arrived. I think your Lazio world has also changed. I don’t know if you’re thinking about it or want to get there. 274 are Piola’s goals “.

Property: “There are another 100 missing, actually 90. You know how I think. The numbers of each season draw a line and below you are the total of what you have done in the Champions League, Europa League, Coppa Italia, championship. It is obvious that the more I go on, the more interesting what you tell me becomes, but you know I don’t think about it “.

Word: “But at the national level there is still some doubt about Ciro Immobile. He didn’t feel a little disregarded for who you are. In my opinion, you can allow yourself to judge everyone for what you are for the Italian movement”.

Property: “You know how I feel about this. There are various opinions of some not of all that sometimes make me think, sometimes I laugh at it, sometimes I get angry with it. they love me they tell me that when I stop playing they will really realize “.

Word: “My idea is that the awareness and strength that you have now carried over the two years in Dortmund and Seville, you would have made it for who you really are. You would not have needed some situations that you did not have at that moment”.

Property: “I probably would have needed a little more time in Dortmund. I felt really good there in the first six months. In Seville I didn’t get involved with the coach and it can happen. In Dortmund, on the other hand, something could definitely be done. more”.

Word: “I want to play a game with you. I’ll give you a list of Serie A strikers and tell me more or less how many goals they’ll score. Let’s start with Lukaku.”

Property: “I think he has a lot of anger inside. I say 20 to 25”.

Property: “Either one does them or the other does them. In my opinion from 13 to 18”.

Word: “Vlahovic? Your opponent from last year”.

Property: “More than 20 sure. He has them in the ropes.”

Word: “At Milan he is a bit different because he has a more united game and many rotate in front of him. I take Giroud.”

Property: “Between Giroud, Origi and Rebic 30 goals make them. 35 come on”.

Word: “You can match them (laughs). Jovic intrigues me”.

Property: “I say no more than 15”.

Property: “He is a striker that I like very much. I mean a precise number. In my opinion he scores 19 goals.”

Word: “This is a great game. You’re the striker. Then there’s the Zapata-Muriel duo.”

Property: “Between 25 and 30 both together”.

Word: “And then there is the derby with Abraham and Dybala”.

Property: “If this year he scores the same goals as last year, we can already speak of a striker who has scored many goals for two consecutive seasons. I think between 15 and 20”.

Word: “And Immobile? Ciro is missing”.

Property: “(Laughs, editor’s note) For now I’m staying at one”.

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