The general manager of the technical area Pantaleo Corvino spoke in the press room on the sidelines of Marin Pongracic’s presentation. Below are the declarations of the Salento manager at 360 ° on the market.

“Sometimes the press and fans are more focused on the players they want than what they already have. Today we are presenting Marin Pongracic and you will focus on him. This is a particular role, I have said in the past that it is a role that is on the verge of extinction. I’m talking about the scorers, at all latitudes, not only in Italy. I have to make an aside, taking certain goalscorers in July is impossible, regardless of resources. This is because you need to know how to wait and woo some goals, in order to get to take important profiles with respect to the team’s needs. Pongracic is a class of ’97, he has a wealth of experience despite being young. He played in the Austrian and German top flight, passed from the Europa League to the Champions League, up to the senior national team. He is a right footed footballer but he played from center to both right and left. He has an imposing physique and a 72% duel win rate in Borussia Dortmund. He also has a decent technical quality of defensive direction. Filling the boxes would have been a very easy exercise, taking into account that we went from B to A. And it will not be an easy championship for those who will have to fight not to be relegated, taking into account that Cremonese and Monza have climbed with us and are competing for who spends more. The defensive is a decisive department. We boasted players who have already experienced Serie A, like Dermaku and Tuia. It wasn’t easy to catch someone better than them, considering the shortage of scorers. It is easy to judge by not seeing things from the inside. At the same time, it was not easy to wait for the last week to get to Pongracic. I’ve been working on it for almost two months, through contacts with his agent, his club and the boy. I sent him videos and photos of the place he would be arriving. All of these are collateral aspects of a negotiation. The players are not convinced by the sound of millions of euros, they are convinced by making people understand the reality in which they arrive. Sometimes he even waits for the last second to close certain shots. We are now in the last week of August and despite having waited a long time for the fruits of our work, they bring us today to present Pongracic ”.

“In these two years you have seen with how much attention and how much effort we have managed to return to Serie A, we have put passion both for the first team and for the youth sector. We have made the structures grow and we are striving to do this also on human resources. Our efforts are visionary. We are trying to create an important brand for Salento. We brought Pongracic here, a player who made 20 appearances in a team fighting to win the Bundesliga last season. We are striving to find other men of this type as well, through our ideas. If we don’t make it, no one can blame us for not being able to get to something that was unthinkable. One of the highlights of my story was seeing Stewart Copeland wear Chevanton’s shirt at the Taranta Night. There I understood that Lecce had arrived in an international dimension. This is what we are trying to do now, expand our brand. Our efforts are also aimed at this. This is why we also take the risk of dealing with a certain type of player ”.

“We would prefer that no negotiations come out, because behind a negotiation there are ideas that other clubs have not had. So when a negotiation becomes public, our idea can also become someone else’s. We have not denied Umtiti’s negotiation. In addition to the growth of the technical heritage, our efforts also aim at the value of the Salento brand. For this reason we have ideas that aim very high. The Umtiti negotiation is moving forward. If it does not finalize someone will say that it was just advertising ”.

“By way of clarification, I say that some rumors are out of place. If we play with only one central striker and we only have two then everyone would say that it would be appropriate to have a third striker. The same goes for the other sectors. The club seeks to exploit opportunities that the market grants. Four outsiders for two seats can be few, if the market gives us the opportunity to be five it doesn’t mean that one of the four has to be kicked out. These are all evaluations that are part of a logic. Overabundance is not a problem, especially when some market opportunities can be seized “.


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