Sonia Bruganelli, social controversy over her credit cards: "I have six accounts, I can't remember all the codes by heart"

Sonia Bruganelli, social controversy over her credit cards: “I have six accounts, I can’t remember all the codes by heart”

Sonia Bruganelli, TV producer, Big Brother Vip columnist and wife of Paolo Bonolisshe lashed out at the customer system of her credit card which was blocked for three days after a purchase attempt.

“I have six checking accounts, I can’t remember all the numbers”

On Twitter, she said: “I shop on farfetch (an online platform for the sale of clothes, ed) three suits, I go to the payment and they tell me that the card is blocked for security reasons. I call the number they write to me, I talk to a lady who asks me for my personal details and card number to tell me that it is blocked to protect online shopping, I say ok. Now that you know it’s me can you unlock it? She replies that she passes me to the number to unlock. I say ok. Another replies to whom I tell the same thing, he asks me when I last used the card, I tell him I don’t remember and he makes a strange voice, then he asks me my date of birth and I give it to him, then he asks me everything the card number and I ok, then he asks me the expiry date and the last three digits of the card and I tell him everything at the end he asks me for the current account number at that point sclero. I tell him that on the spot I don’t remember. He asks me ‘why?’ and I am forced to overcome my proverbial modesty and declare that I have six so I don’t remember the numbers of all current accounts and he undaunted tells me that if I don’t tell him the account number he can’t unlock the card. I boh. “Happy ending to the story when, again on social media, Sonia Bruganelli said:” As proof that I was right, today we redid the procedure for unlocking the card and no one asked for the current account number. Card unlocked and I have my clothes. “

“I prefer to pay for a private plane than to have my luggage lost”

Forty-eight years old, three children, a former photo novel model, today she is at the helm of a scouting agency that deals, among other things, with the casting of her husband’s broadcasts. Come on another one And Hi Darwin. On social media she describes herself as: “Very mother, sometimes wife, still daughter, always sister, fluctuating friend and a little, but only a little, entrepreneur”. A few weeks ago she had been at the center of a social discussion that arose from her post on Instagram in the days when the airports were clogged and a lot of luggage missing due to inefficiencies and strikes. Bruganelli had posted a photo of him on a private plane with this consideration: “I swear that sooner or later I’ll stop. For now, however, I prefer to pay for a private plane rather than waiting hours at the airport, risking having my flight canceled, losing luggage that would arrive maybe in Toronto, take back the covid and make a fuss where I insult all the low cost airlines by asking my followers to repost my message “. On the social network, users were divided between those who argued that everyone can do what he wants with their money and those who pointed out that very few people can take a private flight.

The return to Big Brother Vip and the controversy with Adriana Volpe

This year Bruganelli will return as a columnist in the program of Alfonso Signorini Big Brother Vip and this return (from 19 September on Canale 5), after an initial step backwards, has raised a controversy with the former colleague Adriana Volpe, which, on the other hand, has not been reconfirmed. Volpe indeed commented on New: “Sonia Bruganelli? The people, the public, know that in life there are those who go on out of meritocracy, some out of sympathy and those who go on only because they have powerful patron saints behind them. This is life. I probably miss them all. and three “.

The crisis with Bonolis? A holiday in Formentera silences the rumors

At the beginning of the summer, an ambiguous tweet had suggested a crisis with her husband. Bruganelli wrote “Love ends. People who loved each other never end”, but a holiday in Formentera, immortalized by photos on social media and by a dance on the notes of Can’t stop the feeling! he had dispelled the doubts.
A few days later this other message appeared – again on social media -: “I love those who stay. When it’s not easy, when reason would push you to give up, when life gives you opportunities that can be frightening. I love those who stay”.

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