Future Games Show: All games, trailers and announcements from Gamescom 2022

Future Games Show: All games, trailers and announcements from Gamescom 2022

The Future Games Show has just ended, one of the most important events to be held during Gamescom 2022. It is an event similar to the one seen during what should have been E3 in June and which follows the Opening Night Live of yesterday. Here is a brief summary of what was presented during the Geoff Keighley show.

Here you are all games, trailers and announcements from the Future Games Show.

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The Future Games Show was a long conference, full of games, although perhaps the masterpiece that would have elevated the show further was missing, but there were surprises. For example, it all started with a Premiere, or the interesting The Gap, a game for PC, Xbox Series X | S and PS5.

Also not to be underestimated is the release date and the trailer for Aliens Fireteam Elite: Pathogen, the new game dedicated to the famous movie aliens.

Hypercharge Unboxed, of which we have seen the trailer, is another very interesting product, coming out for consoles. It continues with another premiere, The Case of the Golden Idol. Don’t be fooled by The Case of the Golden Idol trailer, it looks pretty cool. After Stray’s cats, now it’s the turn of the raccoons. In the Snaccoon trailer we discover that we will play one, obviously looking for food.

Mysterious music and atmosphere seen in the trailer for Tainted Grail, a sort of old-fashioned Skyrim. The atmospheres of the Floodland trailer are completely different, where instead of fantasy we find a world on the brink of extinction. All this serves as a pretext for a strategic strategy in which the society of tomorrow must be created.

The next game is a horror and gore-tinged metroidvania, The Last Case of Benedict Fox featured with a trailer. Another jump and we end up seeing a puzzle game in which you have to put things right in the right way. The trailer for A Little to the Left mixes relaxed atmospheres and cats … you name it!

Speaking of animals, here comes the trailer for the crazy Goat Simulator 3. It comes after an indie roundup, present with the free demo on Steam. Returning to Goat Simulator 3, the game confirms itself as a fun and light sandbox, with which to spend a few hours of good fun, even in multiplayer.

After the wildlife break, here comes the trailer for The Chant, with its zombies and its horror atmospheres. Always gloomy is also the atmosphere of the trailer for Ereban: Shadow Legacy, a new action from Baby Robot Games that debuted at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase.

The trailer for Wizardry The Five Ordeal takes us back to the past, with an absolutely old school game. Now finally in English. Very interesting is the news that Soulstice, the all-Italian action, is available in demo on Steam.

The new metroidvania by Modus Games, Afterimage, is also very action-packed, with a short trailer. The Deliver us Mars trailer shows us how things could go wrong if Elon Musk’s operation is not prepared with all the trappings.

Then it was the turn of a long study of Phantom Hellcat, shown during yesterday’s ONL 2022. Then it was the turn of a new World Premiere, the trailer for Edge of Sanity, a sort of Darkest Dungeon set in a dodgy Alaska.

Another change of atmosphere and here comes the trailer for Hotel Architect, a rather interesting builder / much more. The Last Worker trailer featured a game that asks you to quickly perform tasks in a 3D environment. With a pinch of social criticism. The announcement of Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, a city builder with a futuristic setting, is also quite interesting.

Another round, another World Premiere: this is the trailer for The Great War: Western Front, a game set during the First World War created by veterans who worked at Command & Conquer.

With atmospheres reminiscent of Portal, it presents itself with a trailer of backfirewall_, an environmental puzzle game with a pinch of plot. Then it was time for Team17 to bring some of its games to the stage. These are Moving Out 2, Age of Darkness: Final Stand, The Knight Witch, Marauders, Bravery & Greed, Hokko Life, Sunday Gold, Thymesia and Ship of Fools.

The next game is from Gamezoo. The trailer for SCP: Secret Files presented the usual dystopian future, to be explored and in which to try hard to survive. Teslagrad 2 trailer amazed with its music and style. Still on the horror theme, Supermassive has announced the trailer with release date of The Dark Picture Anthology: The Devil in Me.

The high tension continues with the trailer for EXP: War Trauma, in demo on Steam, a horror adventure with a dark atmosphere. The Rooted trailer presents a survival with music and atmospheres that are a bit reminiscent of The Last of Us. Zombies excluded. Vertigo Games presents the trailer for Hellsweeper VR, a rather interesting fantasy adventure.

We continue with the trailer for Stray Blade, an action fantasy with survival elements. It continues with the Crossfire Legion update 1.3, a spectacular real-time strategy, and continues with a beat ’em up, God of Rock, a cross between Tekken and Guiter Hero.

Lightyear Frontier, present with a trailer, is a survival aboard a mech on a distant planet, fortunately bucolic, so much so that it looks like a sort of mechanized Harvest Moon. Also space-themed is System Shock, shown with a rather evocative trailer, which has mixed many different experiences between them.

We return to horror with the trailer for Layers of Fear, horror reimagined, the new work of the Bloober Team. Then comes the time for a new World Premiere, a technologically very interesting game. We are talking about Off The Grid – part 1, present at Gamescom 2022 with a very interesting trailer. It feels like a sort of Metal Gear Solid, with highly sought after combat, storyline and character designs and technologies. It’s actually a battle royale, but it seems to have a bit of a different feel to it.

What did you think of the show?

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