The Lords of the Fallen: a dark fantasy game halfway between sequel and reboot

The Lords of the Fallen: a dark fantasy game halfway between sequel and reboot

From the recent Dolmen and Thymesia to the highly anticipated Lies of P and Steelrising (proposed, have you already read our interview with the Steelrising developers?), lately the soulslikes have multiplied at an impressive speed, albeit with not always exciting results. If nowadays we are used to seeing a disproportionate number of titles inspired by FromSoftware productions jump out, the guys of CI Games and Deck 13 were probably the first to try to emulate the success of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Released in 2014 on P4, Xbox One and PC, Lords of the Fallen However, it did not turn out to be a particularly brilliant action RPG, so much so that even the publisher, obviously not satisfied with the final result, decided not to entrust the development of the sequel to the Deck 13 team.

Between abandonments and problems of various kinds, the project formerly known as Lords of the Fallen 2 has remained far from our radar for a long time, only to reappear at Gamescom 2022 with an exciting trailer. Developed this time by Hexworks, an internal studio of CI Games, the renamed The Lords of the Fallen will see the light in 2023 on PC and latest generation consoles. To pass the wait, we have collected all the information disclosed so far on the net and we offer below our preliminary impressions on a title that is certainly more interesting than its ancestor.

The premises of the new chapter

Following the presentation of The Lords of the Fallen, whose title is almost identical to that of the original CI Games game, we all wondered if the project was still intended as a sequel, a remake or a reboot of the progenitor. The answer came from the publisher himself, who in the press release issued immediately after the reveal of the official trailer specified that the dark fantasy RPG will serve as a reboot and sequel at the same time for the ill-fated title launched in 2014.

Developed in Unreal Engine 5, The Lords of the Fallen will be chronologically set about a thousand years after the events narrated by its predecessor and will drag users into a world five times larger than that created by the Deck 13 team. Marked by cruelty and tyranny, the demon god Adyr has been defeated, but since the deities do not fall forever, his inevitable resurrection draws closer and closer. Once in the role of one of the Dark Crusaders protagonists of myths and fantastic tales, players will then be tasked with traveling through the realms of the living and the dead, taking part in colossal and adrenaline-fueled boss fights of all kinds, and discovering an epic. deep and engaging. By embracing light or dark, users will therefore be a sculpt your own legend in a world of dark fantasy hues which promises to be extremely chaotic and fraught with dangers.

Accompanied by the narrative voice of Joseph Quinn, a British actor who gained popularity globally after playing the character of Eddie Munson in the fourth season of Stranger Things (you are one click away from the review of the fourth season of Stranger Things), the The Lords of the Fallen announcement trailer has painted a terrifying atmosphere absolutely in line with the series, and which therefore will ask us to continually deal with terrible and scary creatures, such as three-headed demons, creepy non- dead and mighty winged beasts.

In order to offer a “extensive role-playing experience“to fans of the genre, the new episode will make use of an interconnected world of darkness and chaos, as well as overflowing with NPCs, a rich narrative component to be faced in single player, and above all an online multiplayer component – completely absent in the original chapter – which will allow you to invite a friend. Since the publisher talked about “uninterrupted online cooperative“, it is plausible that the whole story can be faced in company without any limit. We still do not know how the coop will affect the level of difficulty of the product, also because in this regard the developer has only added that the multiplayer will also offer the possibility of invading other realities, but we are more than convinced that this singular feature of The Lords of the Fallen can become one of the pillars of the reboot.

360 ° customization

Made entirely in CGI, unfortunately the first trailer for The Lords of the Fallen didn’t allow us to get a first peek at the gameplay. Based on the statements of its Creative Director, Cezar Virtosuhowever, we can expect this to adopt “a faster soulslike combat system“than the one proposed by the original Lords of the Fallen, which is still unfortunately remembered as one of the most woody soulslike ever (for all the details on the first episode of the series, run to reread our review of Lords of the Fallen).

Again through the official information disclosed by CI Games we first learned that, in the opening bars of the campaign, we will be placed in front of an editor who will allow us to customize every single detail of the avatar, and then select one of the nine available classes. For the moment, the publisher has not wanted to reveal them all, but has limited himself to confirming that among these there will be three inevitable jobs such as the Thiefthe Cleric and the Knight.

By adopting a class and a fighting style suited to their preferences, users will then be free to create real custom builds, tweaking the parameters of their avatars and learning devastating spells. In fact, it will be up to the players to decide whether to invest in the arcane arts or whether to rely entirely on metal and unleash the destructive fury of hundreds of weapons that the developer has defined “brutal“.

We have also discovered that our alter-ego will carry with it a lantern of arcane power, thanks to which it will be able to travel between two very distinct worlds. By falling into the realm of the living, it will in fact fall into the world of the dead, where he will have to overcome immense hordes of infernal creatures to get a second chance and come back to life. With good reason, the lantern can be used to visit hidden places, unearth incredible treasures lost since time immemorial, and last but not least, manipulate the spirits of enemies encountered along the way.

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