Rovigo, 9 million bill.  Cartiere del Polesine stops production: "Working costs too much"

Rovigo, 9 million bill. Cartiere del Polesine stops production: “Working costs too much”

Cartiere del Polesine: one of the factories and the company headquarters (Photo from the company’s website)

Energy contracts absent and suppliers who turn away. List prices of raw materials tripled compared to the same period last year. A 9 million euro bill that forces the company to a forced stop of production despite the growing demandeng. This the situation faced by “Cartiere del Polesine”, an industrial reality innovative and at the forefront of production of packaging from the recycling of waste paper with deep roots in the province of Rovigo – two factories, one in Loreo and one in Adria – who had to shut down the four production lines for the months of July and August: it was too expensive to continue.

Forced holidays

Over 180 direct employees were asked to collect a part of the vacation due, so as not to have to rely on the social safety nets of the state

. The situation, however, with the passing of the weeks, seems far from improving: in fact, in the month of July, an account of over 9 million euros arrived, against 2,350 in the same period of the previous year even calculated on several cubic meters of material consumed. “The problem is twofold – explains Elena Scantamburlo, managing director of the company – on the one hand we have difficulties in renewing the contracts for the supply of expiring gas; on the other hand, the actual price of the raw material is so variable that it does not give any guarantee for an economic plan, not even in the short term “. In just ten days, inflation on gas prices for energy has more than doubled and does not seem to stop. This fluctuation of figures is also compounded by the temporary unavailability of the major Italian energy players such as Eni, Enel and Edison to formulate new contracts due to the uncertainty of the international context, while on the free market, smaller operators are asking for unsustainable commercial guarantees. for energy-intensive companies such as “Cartiera del Polesine” which consumes about 60 million cubic meters of gas per year when fully operational.

Help from the Authority

With regard to a possible solution Scantamburlo continues: “We have explicitly requested intervention from “Arera”, the Regulatory Authority for energy, networks and the environment, so that it can provide us operators in the sector with guarantees on supply at market prices.: there are in fact protection systems for private users that could and, in this case, should also be extended to industrial ones. But right now we fall into a regulatory vacuum and as a company we risk finding ourselves without a supplier of gas and, consequently, be forced to stop production again ». If it is true that on a political level the tax credit was also implemented for energy-intensive companies, on the other hand a partial refund of only 25% on a part of consumption no longer appears sufficient. Furthermore, at the moment there is no guarantee on the renewal of this action also for the fourth quarter of 2022: with the elections and the timing of the policy, everything would still be decided ex post, when the companies would have already decided – the expiry of the renewals is fixed. for September 30th – what a supply contract to sign.

Bleak prospects

We have the will, the pride and the desire to start over but we must also deal with the reality of this situation – continues Scantamburlo – and as much as I hope, I do not think we will start 100% of our production capacity by September: in this the situation that lies ahead is complex and certainly not sustainable in the long term “. Finally, Scantamburlo says she is very worried: “We feel disarmed, because we do not see the end of this energy shock on the horizon: in four years of industrial activity we have never found ourselves in such a situation. Of course, difficult periods happen in our sector, but that of the supply of energy is an absolute novelty: we are increasingly victims of the exogenous dynamics of the market and in the end, it is always the citizens who will see a substantial increase. of products on the shelves ».

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