Because there is so much talk about the Sampdoria-Juventus heatmaps

Because there is so much talk about the Sampdoria-Juventus heatmaps

Sampdoria-Juventus 0-0 will not be remembered as a great match in this Serie A championship that has just begun. For various reasons: the score speaks for itself, but the real problem is that neither team has ever really raised the intensity and / or the quality of their game to the point that they can take their opponent by surprise. Inevitably, the Juventus players and Massimiliano Allegri ended up in the whirlwind of criticism: net of the absences of Chiesa, Di María, Pogba and Bonucci, among others, the clear difference in absolute value between the two staff could have – should have? – determine a better performance by Juventus, at least from the point of view of the offensive proposal.

The supporters of this thesis, the one for which Juventus played really badly, they found several graphical and statistical feedbacks on the web. We are talking about frames and videos extrapolated from the match, but also – and above all – about heatmaps that in some way would certify the abulia, sterility and lack of ideas of the Juventus team. Some of these technical images, in fact, are truly unique. For example this one, published by the Twitter account OptaPaolo at the end of the first half, which shows the very few – just three – balls touched by Vlahovic up to that moment of the match:

In addition to the kick-off and a ball played in the center-right half-space, there is the touch in the penalty area that was about to mock Perin. By virtue of this isolation and that defensive play, the heatmap + passmap combinatorial graphics, always referring to the first half, is even more bizarre:

Image taken from the Twitter account @markstatsbot

This strange U-shaped arrangement of the Juventus players, with Vlahovic completely excluded from the ball, ended up inspiring other significant posts. For instance this, which takes up a moment of construction from below of Allegri’s team, but with the midfield completely emptied – exactly as seen in the map above. Other interesting contents concern the type and outcome of the passes made by the Juventus players. Here, for example, Paride Pasta shows Juve’s inability to advance the game with vertical passes and lists the many mistakes made in the diagonal passes:

Obviously there would still be plenty of material, starting for example with heatmap of the three midfielders Allegri fielded from the first minute – Locatelli, Rabiot and McKennie. But these are all images that refer to the same game problems expressed by Juventus last season, and which in this season would have been resolved – ideally – by the arrival of Pogba. The absence of the French midfielder and also of Di María, as mentioned, has removed two important sources from the Juventus team’s game, and Allegri has insisted precisely on these points in the statements released to the press in Marassi’s post-match. Maybe with their return things will change, there will be fewer compromising or singular heatmaps, but for the moment the numbers and data show that Juventus played in a singular way. Which is another way of saying badbut that’s another story.

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