Over 60 and spaghetti with clams, a perfect summer recipe for health

Over 60 and spaghetti with clams, a perfect summer recipe for health

Tasted all year round, the spaghetti with clams they find their maximum expression during the summer period. With a greater demand and relative purchase, both for a home preparation and for a ritual tasting at your favorite restaurant. They are a summer classic, in the collective imagination they represent the typical evening relaxation of dinners by the sea. All accompanied with a good glass of fresh and dry white wine.

The clams they cannot miss in the local cuisine, because they play an essential role also thanks to the vast presence throughout the territory. These bivalve molluscs they are enclosed by two shells, of small or medium size. They are filter-feeding molluscs because they feed on phytoplankton and mini organisms, which they recover by filtering the waters of the sea. They are born naturally but are also cultivated and the best known is the true clam. They must always be bought fresh, clean and cooked in an impeccable way and accompanied with the orderly spaghetti.

Clams, properties and quality

Clams are a real panacea for the health, not only for that of the palate thanks to their strong taste and fleshy consistency. But also for the countless benefits they can offer, so small but so healthy. For example, 100 grams of product can guarantee a good intake of proteins equal to 11 grams and, to a minimum, of carbohydrates and fats. They are low in calories and very digestibleprovide a good supply of vitamins A, B12 and C, excellent for improving the immune system and fighting free radicals.

Clams are rich in mineral salts and in particular of iron, magnesium and potassium. The latter are an important presence for the heart health and circulation, offer energy, regulate muscle well-being by preventing annoying cramps and control the body’s water balance. For this reason they are perfect for the over category lover of good food, but moderate consumption is recommended for those suffering from hypercholesterolemia, because they are rich in cholesterol. They are not suitable for those with problems such as liver disease, gout or hyperuricemia, as well as an obvious hypersensitivity to the product. While they are very suitable for those with digestive difficulties, because highly digestible.

Spaghetti with clams, all on the recipe

Before tackling the real recipe, clams require a fundamental ritual of Preparation, or an immersion in a ceramic bowl with salt water, perhaps sea water, to be changed constantly. A need, of at least three hours, which allows him to purge eliminating the dirt collected and filtered in the sea. Clams that are already open or broken must be eliminated, because they are dead, while with a metal scourer you can eliminate any residues present on the shell.

They are ready for cooking when the water in the basin no longer has any sand or dirt. Another important precaution: clams they are eaten only cooked to avoid health problems such as hepatitis, salmonella and much more. Better to buy them closed on the net, never loose, so as to identify the variety, traceability and type of cultivation or production and the date of packaging. A final double check and wash is carried out before going on to cooking. It serves:

  • 1 kg of clams
  • 300 grams of spaghetti or, to taste, linguine
  • 1 small glass of white wine
  • parsley
  • garlic, oil, pepper, chilli and salt to taste

Before pouring them into the pan, they are tapped individually on the cutting board, to intercept the last residues of sand, then pour into a large pan with the garlic and white wine, leaving it to cook over high heat to evaporate the wine, then cover with a lid and continue cooking for a few minutes. The clams will open completely. Drain recovering the sauce obtained, filtering it, throw the clams that have not opened. In a large pan, brown the garlic clove with the chilli pepper in the oil, add the clams and part of the previously filtered water.

Let it cook for a few minutes, so as to absorb the flavor, stirring gently. Aside, cook them al dente spaghetti and chop the parsley, drain the pasta and pour it into the pan with the clams. Stir gently and cook over very low heat, adding the parsley, oil and a sprinkling of pepper. If necessary, toss by adding the leftover filtered water to create a creamy sauce, and serve hot. Salt is not necessary, because clams are a very tasty product.

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